Thursday, December 9, 2010

Market Day Reflections

Market Day Reflections
How well prepared was your group?
We were alright until everything went bad when creating our banner.

How popular do you think your product was?
It wasn’t as popular as the milkshakes but it looked tasty and sold out.

What was your role in the group and how well did you fulfill your role?
I had to make the food and the poster

Under each of the following headings write anything that you would do differently or improvements you would make if you did it again.

Your Product? Fruity Caterpillars

What did you enjoy most about Market Day? Collecting the money and creating the product

Your Advertisement? We finished filming but it wasn't able to show on P.E.N.N

Your stall set up? We struggle at first to find the board but we still got it done

Would you like to do this again, and why or why not? Yes because it was fun and I got to buy other cool products.

Monday, November 29, 2010

29 Miners Confirmed Dead

Devastating news coming about the 29 miners. As most of us have already heard in newspaper, from reporters and live news another explosion occurred in Grey mouth, the police informed us that miners were confirmed dead . Many family’s are grieving and took part on the service where they all gathered together to remember their loved ones.

At the Pike river the youngest miners aged to the oldest (17-62) have been trapped underground with their desperation levels rising. Another massive blast occurred and based on the explosion experts believe no one could have survived. This all started on Friday and continued on as the miners family’s ask to remove their body's.

Only two miners survived who managed to escape before the commencing of the blast. It has been said that altogether there has been 4 explosions.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ultimate Athletes

Thump! As the ball landed out of the school grounds, laying on the field. Shaniah finished having her throw, It finally reached my turn. The noise of my supportive friends encouraged me a lot. I was focussed and ready I leaned over and bent down to pick the ball, I threw as far as I could.

Athletics already began, it was an annual event displayed every year at our school field. This is to find our elite athletes in each activity. Many people came dressed up in their house colours Takitemu,Te Arawa, Tainui and Mataatua.

My highlight would have to be Softball throw and Discus. The reason why was because Ms T announced that I came first in Softball throw. Another reason was that I came first and then suddenly I was knocked out by Racheal in discus. A new experienced sport we never knew how to play, was javelin, you were given a technique to follow. You had to pretend it was like a dart, slide it through your ear and aim down.

Now I can’t wait until Interzone (This Wednesday)!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Studying a new way

All the times that we presented, conferenced and shared why we want this Netbook so badly, has finally payed off. Actually fulfilling our dreams of getting our Netbooks, and now we have the opportunity to muck around with it and use it for learning for the rest of the term.

We're posting this piece of writing to share the cool experience with you. It was a exhilarating feeling for me to be able to be the first year sevens in the Tamaki cluster to use our flash Netbooks. Can't wait until next year when we actually keep them!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fia Fia Night

Puffed out and breathing heaverly for being Mr Burt’s runners, actually distracted me from feeling nervous on the hours of darkness . Jogging going zic zac through classes checking they were organized and ready for the big event . Our Fia Fia night which means entertainment had kick off at 7pm, but it seemed like everyone was here when dropping their child at 6 o’clock.

One thing that really shocked and showed the goose bumbs in me was the amount of guest that showed up, 7 o’clock was the kick off start to our gathering. It looks as though everyone tried to get a front row seat. As we all cramped up in the hall and the breeze, our new foyer.
We quickly got settled and finally started.

After all this practise it finally lead up to this night. Sneaking around I took a peak at some of the costume. It was mostly the girl's that looked stunning. It was nice to get complements from parents and friends at the end.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sport's Report for What's up News

As part of our rubric we had tasks to complete and this was one of them. We talked about our year seven rugby boys team playing against our very own Tamaki Intermediate. Here's some footage!

Monday, August 23, 2010


In MihiMihi, one of our new rooms. I'm testing out to see which laptop the kids at our school are going to have. I'm really happy to see which one of the laptops we're going to choose. We have choices of having Eee PC, MSI Wind, and Classmate. My best choice is having Eee PC. The reason why is that it has a bigger key board and it's lighter for others to carry. The operating system on the computer (Jolly Cloud) is faster and everything runs smoothly, plus the speaker is really loud which is good.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Riley's Birthday At Chipmunks

Ahh! As I yawned. Waking up early at 6am on Saturday was because it was my baby cousin [Riley’s] birthday. The birthday party was held at Chipmunks in Henderson, down the road where we played rugby against Henderson intermediate.
Kick off was at 1 o’clock.

Filled with so much excitement, I had butterfly’s tickling my stomach. Ha ha! I keep on giggling I just can’t help it, I’m to over excited. Arriving there was even more pleasant because I couldn’t wait to go on the popular slide.

Later approximately 5 past 1 everybody arrived then, that’s what usually happens at celebrations. The room was getting more crowded as more family members entered the room. Even some of the adults and parents were trying to look from outside.

Happy Birthday to you x2, we all said ‘Hooray’, when you tried to touch the flame on the candles. Hip hip, hooray x2, we all had a nice meal and all the kids rushed off to play. I straight away went on the slide and reached the top.

‘Quickly’, said my cousin we raced down the slide. Watch out! It was like a snake track too many little kids at corners trying to climb up again. Since their were too many children I went to the jungle and climbed up till I got to this slide. Wow! This slide is the bomb it goes so fast like skate boarding down a steep hill.

This was such a fun day it was really quite a turn out and it was really good to be surrounded by my family again.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My MI Test

This term when we have e-learning we go on the computers we have a opportunity to be able to take our Multiple Intelligence test to see what smart's we are. It shows that I'm mostly music smart and people smart. The smart that was low for me was picture smart. I think that I need to study at home and try my best even when I don't know the answers. I want to at least improve in an area so that I can be proud.
We had 40 questions overall to answer and then finally we got our answers back. Here is my results.

Friday, July 30, 2010

My Amazing business card

To entertain our visitors and to make sure that they want to see more from us. We created a business card so that the visitors can give us feed back and we can show more of our awesome work. The deadline for this project is by today and I tried my best to create it. I finished it on time!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Holidays Aren't So Bad

No! After ending such a fun day of Term 2, I was planning what I was going to do in the 2 week holidays. I'm a person who doesn't like weekends, holidays it's so boring nothing to do at all. I planned to go out bowling and to play with my closes friends, just to keep my happy mood continuing.

So far I've been to ten pin bowling with Victoria and my dad, it was such a blast. We mostly spent time playing 1 and $2 games. My best game was the basket ball game because I got most of my goals in. We quickly rounded up all the tickets we had won from playing all the games, in total we got 197.

Already on Thursday we've gone to Pakuranga, me and Victoria browsed around the store while my sister went shopping. We heard a crowd cheering and I was thinking what is that sound. I headed down with Victoria and saw that people were auditioning for 5 minutes of fame, the acts and performances were so cool.

The winners of the competition was this 12 year old boy Sam[1st place] and a 16 year old girl came 2nd. Both place getters won a Panasonic radio and they'll be in the finals to challenge the others that won.

Then the next day on Friday on the second week of the holidays. Victoria's family and I were going out to go to rainbow's end, but telling by the weather we knew that it wouldn't be happening. All of us were disappointed about it and thought that we can still go out. Instead we went to watch a movie at Hoyts. It was Toy Story 3 in 3D.

It was really cool when we sat down in the cinemas, on the screen it said put your 3D glasses on. In the beginning there was a preview of Avatar, I thought that it really did look real and his eyes really glowed.

My favourite part of Toy story 3 is when Ken tells Barbie how to reverse Buzz lightyear back to his normal self, they tried to do it and instead he starts to speak Mexican.

I had a great time playing and going out in these active events. I had heaps of fun and holidays aren't so bad, now I don't want to go back to school.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kapa Haka

In most schools they have a Kapa Haka group that performs in front of many live audiences. Our Kapa Haka group is very talented and is very good for beginners. Their first performance started last Friday, I could tell some were timid but they took time and started to open up.

Seeing them walk on the stage with the really cool costumes and creative hair styles, was great to see. I really thought that they stood out as a group and looked like professionals.
During the middle part of their song they started to sing louder and became more confident. Some faces looked happy and some still new to it. I reckon they did really good and started to feel like they wanted to do this again.

Hopefully they will enter a competition and win, because we will be there to support them. But I enjoyed this performance and rate it 9 out of 10, but still think they can reach 10/10.

They were given an opportunity to be able to perform at the Auckland Museum last,last Sunday. Because room 14 at our school won an award for the best stortelling and gave them a chance to perform.

Mt Eden Animation

This term we had to create a Auckland volcanic animation, this was due today. I had fun drawing the stacks and making it detailed. I think I did well with my graphics and that I know more about Mt Eden then before. It was great to see that I was able to finish it on time.
Take a look at my movie!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Playing Rugy Against Bader

Walking excitedly to school, I felt hyped up and wanting to play rugby already. I meet my friends at the front of the gate they were talking about what Bader were going to be like, scary or the opposite. Starting school I was so eager to play.

It was time to go, we rushed with our gear to the library and got changed into our rugby uniforms ready for action. Our kickoff started at 12 o'clock straight after morning tea. Getting warmed up on the field and practicing, there were a group of rugby teams heading towards the field, it was Bader Intermediate.

Both teams were here including the boys team because they were playing straight after us at 1 o'clock. Mr Jacobsen (our referee) called them onto the field. Some of us were feeling afraid and some were confident. Our captain Sela, lead us onto the field and the starting whistle blew.

Sela kicked the ball and two of our players chased it, some stayed for backup. The opposition had the ball and ran with Sela eyeing them up and tackling them every minute. There were some good tacklers and some really fast runners.

Sadly our team lost but we still had pride in ourselves. We had fun playing against them, and talking while the boys were playing. They were a good team and supportive towards our players, we had a fair match. Finishing our game we did a little curtain for the boys.

Lastly we had a team photo. Cheese!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our netball Game

Our Year 7 Aces Netball Team had a very tough game last week. We played down at Morrin Road and played against Royal Oak . They were a very good team at defence and nearly managed to catch up to us, some how we were better in the last round and got in most of our shots.

Because we were in our flash new uniforms we just had to win, plus this game was a grading game. We were one of the teams in our top grade. We did really well and had some great defence in some parts. We had a good game and hope to improve next week. Our player of the day was Me. Yay!

My favourite part was when our team received a lollie pop from Bobbi-Grace's nana. At the end Mrs Nua forgot to give our score sheet to the office so I ran in the rain and gave it to the receptionist.

Masquerade Ball

I'm so excited! I got the chills as I walked down the red carpet out on the main doors of our hall. On Saturday the 22nd of May we had our masquerade ball held at our church. I walked on the red carpet feeling like I was actually on a real live TV show on the celebrity carpet, with Mrs Tele'a filming me and my friend walking down the aisle.

The reason why we had this was because that day was our 30th Anniversary of our church, starting from the time it was built. Each year we would celebrate, with the teachers discussing every year what theme we would have. I really found this theme interesting and fun.

I was so eager to look and see what others dressed up like and the cool masks they were wearing. Walking in the hall, I saw really cool decorations. There were tables with pretty lights in it, lanterns hanging from the ceiling and some poster's on the wall to make it much better to stare at. Because it wasn't as packed yet, we waited a little while longer for more people to arrive so that we could start.

We had many prizes to give out and a black pearl to be won. This fine pearl flew in from the cook Island and their was a draw to be won. I had a great time looking at the performances like the dances and singing. Some of it were so funny and unexpectedly surprise you. But it was such a enjoyable night we had.

On the night my favourite best dressed was worn by Ata, with her lovely white ball gown slash wedding dress. It's really hard to describe it. That night I was wearing a black dress, with a white short cardigan, a grey mask and heaps of jewellery.

This is a memory never to be forgotten and it was a great 30th Anniversary celebration.

Friday, May 28, 2010

My Personal shields

Onto the final step! Last Term we've been working on our personal Shields we created. First of all we will practise by making a draft in our books. After I chose my diamond which is my favourite shape, inside I would rule 4 parts and in those spaces they will have a meaning to each of them.

On the top right I drew some things that were part of my culture, the opposite side on the left I drew my hobbies. The bottom left I draw-ed what I wanted to be when I grow up and the other side next door I decided just to decorate my name in it.

I reakon I did well on my project. I finished it on time. I would rate it 9 and a half.

Try and guess what I was trying to draw. I had heaps of fun doing and decorating this to make it something about me.

My volcano stack and five fabulous facts

As you already know you've seen many volcano stacks lately. Here is my one I created and my five fabulous facts.
1. In Auckland we have 48 volcanoes near us and they are mostly cinder cone.
2. Mt Peele in west Indies is a plug dome, it can erupt violently
3. Mt Ruapehu had erupted in 25th September 2007, it was a huge explosion.
4. Most volcanoes are found on the edge of plates.
5. The last time Rangitoto erupted erupted was 600 years ago.
Hope you learnt some facts about volcanoes.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Speaking Out To The Mayor

Oh my gosh! We're speaking to the Mayor. This is so nerve racking, I've spoken to heaps of visitors but never the mayor. Sela, Tia and I were the Welcoming Committee. We went out to the front car park waiting nervously thinking if he was going to come here in a limo or something. We were chattering excitedly, also wondering if the mayor was going to show up or not.

Suddenly some man in a fancy car appeared driving past us staring, I was thinking who is he then I thought harder, that's the mayor of course. We raced to his car, when he said "where should I park my car?" We replied"just straight ahead I think.

As he came out we introduced ourselves and told him to follow us this way. Then Mr Banks spotted that we had a cow paddock right next to our school and thought it was really cool. Finally we went inside and it began.

I was feeling pretty confident then I was before. When we were at the end I was feeling really proud and happy when it was over. We all sat on the table and discussed what we could do to solve our problems.

In the beginning we talked about the issue how we have problems with our local pool and our own beach. What really had me hooked was when Mr banks invited our class as well as us to come to his office and have morning tea. He said this is a learning journey.

But before any of that can happen. First step of our learnig journey, we need to make a 15 min presentation to the community board. Then we would send an email to the chairperson Kate Sutton and copy it to the mayor. Next step we would state the issue and request an audience with the board. 3rd step if there's no action then we would go to the ACC Website and would have a council meeting or go to the events committee.

I felt really empowered when he told us this because we were working kids, just like young adults. Who would know where it can lead us to. Fame and fortune, we could be the mayor's secretary. I'm really looking forward to this interesting journey and the delicous morning tea after all the hard work. Isn't this a speacial event to look forward to.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother"Happy Mother's day!" I said to my mum. I gave her my present for mother's day and gave her a hug. Normally on a Sunday we would go to church with all the mother's and grandma's their, lining up some where and we would come around giving them a lollie necklace or a gift. Then we would get ready as soon as church finishes and start.

As I was still walking after going past many people
, heaps of Mother's especially the Nana's and grandma's had most of lollie necklace around their neck. As that would finish we would have a big feast. Normally the mother's go out, but I think that they just wanted to have it together just this one time.

Arriving h0me as soon as I could I hugged my mum one last time and ate her lollie necklace together. My Nana came home with many lollie necklaces, and I know where I'll be going after church. I had a great time together with my mum! Hope you other mother's enjoyed your
Mother's Day 's day!

Friday, April 23, 2010

What a Lucky baby

As you know on April the 5th is Easter Monday. On that day it was my baby cousin Austin's birthday. I was amazed how fast his 1st birthday arrived and happened today. I was so, so excited. We got ready and got picked up by my auntie and drove down to Cornwall Park- that's where the birthday was held. We arrived and realized that we needed more things. So we went back and forth until we had everything we needed.

When that trip ended we finally got to go out and explore the place. It was really packed, you could see all 7 grills being used. I saw Austin with his mum being fed. He looked really cute and handsome in his green Samoan t-shirt. While we unwrapped all the food more people arrived. We were finally all ready and started the Birthday.

We all grabbed a plate and dug in. The food was tastey and mouth watering like grilled kebabs, sweet and sour, the grilled meat, bacon and egg potato salad and much more. When we finished we went and played volley using my sister as the net, also passes and touch with the boys.

There was a final thing to do; blow the candles on the birthday cake and have dessert. It was so painful having to light the candle and having the wind blow it out every time. But finally we got it and lowered him down so he could blow it out. Yay! He did it. We sang happy birthday in English and Samoan. Then we had some moist fudge brownie, the cute giraffe birthday cake and last of all the colourful fruit kebabs. We played a last game of soccer, it was so funny. Later we said good bye as people left and packed up the marquee.

Lastly there was a funny part. A random little boy came and stole Austin's green big bouncy ball and ran away with it. But luckily I got it back. That was a beautiful birthday and a memory to remember!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tuakana Teina

Some days after lunch time our class get together with the year 1 classes and help them with their e-learning. Our goal as a Tuakana is to help the little ones with some simple skills. For example saving their work that's a hard one and making sure it's in the right place. That will help them in the future so they can learn and do the same for others. I think that it's really helpful and it's a great example to the little kids. It's a great experience.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Urban Beat- A dance group

On Thursday the same day we had Tech, round about in the afternoon there was a surprise for us. Mrs Nua said that it was alright for us to wear track pants. I was thinking why? It was because their was a dance group waiting for us in the hall to teach us a couple of cool dance moves. First they introduced themselves and then we went straight into it. We started off with some warm ups and then learned some easy moves. When we got the hang of it and we finished, each time we would would say ohhh!

Later on we would have dance battles. It wasn't boys and girls it would be like a mix thing. We would be divided and put into a group with one of the dancers. The aim was we would do one dance move counting 8 beats, then point to another team. You would get out by not doing the same moves or getting out of time. Then we did some more dancing. I really enjoyed doing this it was really great.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Highlight for camp-Dunker

First of all the dunker was the scariest and the funniest game you would want to play! If you don't know what it is, it's that game when there's a person sitting on the seat and underneath the seat is a little pool they will fall in. But that will happen when you chuck the ball at the button. You might have seen these on a TV programme or you might have heard it. You will have 3 throws. When I was on the seat I was vibrating and I had butterflies in my stomach.

Smack! I fell straight away in the cold water with my ugly facial shown in the little see through window. Luckily no one was watching. It was such a great experience to try. In my mind I was thinking my first target is Tamati because he's the one who got me out. But someone already got him out, what a bummer. You should try this. It's really fun, also it's really refreshing too. That was my best highlight for camp.

Camp Kindness

Yay! I'm extremely excited and ready for camp. I arrived here with my day pack ready and my good attitude. I walked around school and saw that there's already tents being put up. We all went in the hall and had a little talk and reminders. Then all the year 7's went to the marquee and helped put the rest of the tents up,and make sure that the peg is in properly.

At camp we did some really cool activities like Waka Ama, swimming at YMCA, going to the Rec- centre near Tamaki college, Archery, log joust, dunker, learning some dance moves from urban beat and going to swimarama at the end of the day. It was a blast at camp especially with the yummy food we ate. We were all really excausted and couldn't wait to go sleep. Hmmm! Hopefully next year will be better.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Graphics at Tech

On Thursday even though we were on camp we still had tech. I was thinking hopefully we would do something really fun and we did.

We were lucky that day because we were able to go on the computers in the ICT lab. We signed in as the login we got given. Next we went in to Adobe Illustrator and created different sorts of shapes, played around with the colours,strokes and the gradient box. It was very colourful and and we created these designs. This part of graphics was the best thing we did at tech. I wish we can carry on and keep doing these kinds of things at tech. This was a funky picture I designed during tech at Tamaki. I found it really fun colouring it in with the gradient box,because you can add all sorts of colours in to it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Korero Comic life

In the past days we've been working on our project that Mrs Nua gave for us to do. We got given a school Korero and had to do 4 more of them. So then we can go around taking photos and showing what kind of korero we did. We got put in 5 groups of 5 and went around doing the photos. We also had to include a photo with an adult. The korero we got given was use your W.I.T.S. and 4 others, Bin it, stop think and do,Be nice to the grass and garden and play the right way.

Our Class Acrostic Poem

Yesterday we made up a Acrostic Poem that had something to do with our school or Topic. Each groups in our class made a rap or a song. It had to rhyme, make sense,you had to be confident and you had to have a loud volume when you say it. When we were working on it we all picked our favourite rhyme and put it together and some we just made up. We finished the whole thing and went outside to rehearse it.

We all had wacky ideas and thought about doing a beat box thing but then, our reliever said what about you just make sure you say the ending words properly and have good rhythm. Then our teacher said 'it's time to come inside'. We were panicking and hoping we weren't first. I was begging my fingers please, please don't be first and then she said Sione group and then followed by our group. We were so shy and nervous some people in my group were pushing each other in front so no one can see them. Then we started to say our rap it was funny.

Our rap;
Protection is guaranteed
There are friendly people here indeed
Encourage each other to do their best
No one tries to fail a test
Growing minds is what we have here
Loosing against other schools is our fear
And hear we strive to succeed
Not even some of us knows how to read
Do what the teacher says or else you will be dead!

Thank you for reading. This is mostly by my friend Sela thank you for letting me use your poem.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Being A Year Seven

Being the first ever year seven's in the history of Pt England feels really special because it's the first. It still feels a little bit of the same like I'm still a year six. But with different teachers and classes and the rest. I am really looking forward to the new things we are going to do this year and the changes we make as being a intermediate. Like if kids listen to what we say and they follow what we do.

One of the exciting things I am looking forward to is getting to have a new classroom, doing art, tech, graphics and cooking at Tamaki. I'm wondering what kinds of things there are going to have for us next. Like camp, trips, new awards for prize giving and others. But I really like it still being here as a Pt Englander it feels really fantastic to hear people call me a intermediate. Thanks for hopping onto my blog and hearing what I have to say as being a year seven.