Monday, December 14, 2009

Pt England School Presenter's Team 2009

Our school is pretty famous here because we have technology that some schools don't even have. Plus we do podcasts, PENN and way more cool things that people don't even know what it is.
This year we've had a group of kids who present to hundreds and thousands of people from all around the world. Our job is to show the visitors what we do at our school and things that help us to learn and get better at literacy. We present to many people from all over the world like the world famous actor Will Smith - seriously, who would ever get to talk to Will Smit? I think that our team of presenter's are very special and talented kids.
This movie is my part of the presentation.....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last Night Of The Production

"Sela I need to go to the toliet", I whispered. I was so anxious and shy to get out there. My heart felt like it was swinging forward and back. I was shaking like a vibrating chair. We were waiting for our que outside the music room where I was sweating. I heard the sound of the shop keeper closing the toy shop on Zip Zap Avenue. I was so filled with joy that I started to become hyper active like on Alvin and the chipmunks when they drank coffee. "What's that I hear?" I said to myself. "It's showtime" yelled Jordan P and Sione. That was our que to come in and sing our main song.

I felt a little ashamed seeing my parents on the side. I went jumping with excitement hoping my parents wouldn't embarrass me. Then we finished the last part of the song. The lights were so bright that I looked down. We rushed back to the music room through the dark corridors and back into the normal light. I quickly got ready for the transformers performance which was the second act but the first dance. At that moment I started to get major butterflies and felt so thrilled because that dance was the best robot dance that we've ever done before.

We were in our positions backstage on the right wing while the pied piper and his rats were playing the flute. It was great because in the back round there were singers singing a song called 'follow me' by Mr Music J (the tall one). Jordan P said, "We've forgot to open up the transformer box". This was our que to transform. Our dance was funky. There were 2 main transformers Bobbi-Grace and Jacob A.K.A Optimu Prime and Bumble Bee.

We got to our last part the finale. We stand up in our groups and bow down. The last but not least the thank you. We gave flowers to all the helpers that did the dancers, design costumes, setup the stage and did all the technical things. Also to our parents for supporting us in this event our school production 2009.

                                          THE TOY SHOP ON ZIP ZAP AVENUE!