Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Being A Year Seven

Being the first ever year seven's in the history of Pt England feels really special because it's the first. It still feels a little bit of the same like I'm still a year six. But with different teachers and classes and the rest. I am really looking forward to the new things we are going to do this year and the changes we make as being a intermediate. Like if kids listen to what we say and they follow what we do.

One of the exciting things I am looking forward to is getting to have a new classroom, doing art, tech, graphics and cooking at Tamaki. I'm wondering what kinds of things there are going to have for us next. Like camp, trips, new awards for prize giving and others. But I really like it still being here as a Pt Englander it feels really fantastic to hear people call me a intermediate. Thanks for hopping onto my blog and hearing what I have to say as being a year seven.