Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Wow! as my sister looked at all the delicious food.In the holidays I went to Australia with my mum and my sister to visit my grandma.

We left on boxing day at 6;00 and arrived there at Australia at 9;00 pm.

It was so fancy because the plane that we went on was Emirates.Those were the planes with the screen on the back of the seat.

Plus when we had lift of and left New Zealand,the screen turned on and you could listen to music and even watch some movies.

Then we got served some food.I had chicken with mash potatoes,peas,carrots,juice with ice,cheese with crackers and dark chocolate.

Then we arrived at Australia.We had to walk a long way.Finally we got out.I saw my uncle.

It was a 40 minutes minute drive to get to their house.Then we got our luggage and went inside.I heard two dogs barking.They kept on following me around wherever I went.

I asked what their names were.It was luda and Georgy two Chihuahua's.They also have a two story house with 6 bedrooms,5 pets,2 bathrooms and a family pool.They also took us to the movies to watch Twilight.Then I went to sleep and got ready for the next day. thanks for this picture and to for this picture.Thanks to this picture and for the food picture as well.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Holiday in Australia

SPLASH! As my cousin stomped his little feet into the water. In Australia my cousin, my sister, my auntie and her son all went to Wet'n Wild. Its like a water theme park. It was 10:00 in the morning and 34 degrees Celsius. We travelled by a golden Holden. My body was hot like a burnt toast that had just came out of the toaster. When we got there I saw a line of family's waiting in the hot sun. It was so packed that the line was up to the car park. Then we quickly ran and the line moved faster. Then we were in and saw all these water slides. We were so excited.

But there was a problem. We couldn't find a spot to put all our stuff, but we did find a nice shade where the kids pool was. It was so beautiful and fun. When we went in the water it was so see through and shiny. Then when I touched it it was so cold. So I ran quickly into the pool and it was so shallow. Then I saw there was a big playground with all these slides.

I felt like I was a kid again with all these little slides and kids surrounding it. Then I was walking towards the slide but suddenly there was a pile of water that hit me. It felt so so

Then I went to this pool called the wave pool
. I could see all these numbers saying how deep or shallow the pool was like this 2.5 or 4.1. I went in and walked down to where I could see the water up to my shoulders. I heard music and I could hear people saying that the waves were coming. I looked in front and the water were turning into waves, it was so cool. The waves got closer and I was jumping up and down like I was jumping on a trampoline. I went further on and I could touch the ground on the deep end. Then it stopped and it went onto the normal water.

I had such an awesome time.
Thanks to for these two pictures.