Monday, February 14, 2011

My Holiday Highlight

‘Oh yeah she’s here!’ ‘Helen wake up,’ wake up. Rubbing my eyes, my sister yelled to me that the technicians have to go to school. I chucked my clothes on and raced off. This was during the school holidays.

As I finally arrived, I caught up with Mrs Burt. She explained to me that the top three technicians were heading down to Glenbrae. The reason why was because we have to image the 30 Netbooks, back at school we did 300.

The chosen technicians at their school had already unpacked them, that was a relief. Me,Sela and the adult helpers pitched in and showed the process we went through. We ran through it once again but just themselves.

We soon finished after a good half an hour of non-stop work. Finished with all the Netbooks, Sela and I chattered excitedly to ourselves about our highlights in the holidays.

Mrs Burt swooped over and told once they’ve finished, we can grab a feed at nosh. This place was a fancy sort of place, where most people that can actually afford the food go to.

Sela made me giggle when she said ‘is their a dress code for Nosh?’ ‘I replied no it’s fine. Everything had been completed so we packed up and left. Getting in the car me and Sela talked among ourselves until we arrived.

We came across the fancy supermarket slash cafe. We both grabbed a cold beverage (juice) and a slice of bacon and egg pie. Thinking this is probably my highlight so far. What a day!