Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reading and Maths Result

Happy, average, or bad. Exams are something most kids fear, it’s like torture for us kids for some reason. I guess it’s because the room is extremely silent, your not aloud to move around or talk. For our most momentous Asttle test we sit (reading, writing, maths, Icanz), it’s sort of frustrating as always .

But showing my overall marks I did pretty average and improved from the beginning of the term. Receiving my final results gave me the shivers, feeling so nerve racking gave me the butterflies. Hesitating to turn over my paper it finally reveled...’oh wow’, not bad. I mean these results explains to you how well you’ve done, how much you’ve improved, what you need to improve in.

Scanning through my reading and my maths results we were recently given. I just passed and improved in both test which was so relieving. It was unexpected because I was hoping to do better and not to be under the NZ mean. If you are over the average marks then it means that you have passed.

Hopefully that was enough to get me into a good class for next year in college!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Stunning Guy Fawkes Display

Duhh! I just can’t wait until the fireworks begin. Just buzzing over how many boxes were placed on the grass. Approximately 13 going length wise, and round about 16 stood spaced out in a row. Everyone in the crowd counted down from 10. It went a little bit like this,10..9..8..7..6..5..4, then louder 3..2..1!

Assorted colours blended in the air along with the piercing sound of the fireworks. We all sat in amazement as 4 fireworks flew up in the air all at once. They emerged in the air like a group of people huddling, very fast, they spread out quickly and it absolutely turned into some explosive fireworks. It was just extremely impressive how it all worked out.

Really I didn’t want to stop filming for one moment, starring at the fireworks like it was going over us like a rainbow. Couldn't take my eyes of for one second, just couldn’t resist. My eyes glued to the amazing display and made me smile continuously until my mouth started to ache.

Unbelievable, couldn’t get over the majority of fireworks layed out. So much! Sadly approximately ending the 30 minute display actually closed, it was so worth coming here. For sure I’m coming here next year!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Finally! Hopping out of the bus as we arrived at Sylvia Park. Shivering as I thought to myself, ‘oh no’, our movie is playing in the extreme screen. Manaikalani film festival includes the 7 schools in our cluster (Pt England, Tamaki Intermediate, Glen Taylor, Panmure bridge, St Pius, Ruapotaka Primary, and Tamaki College), where we produce various types of movies to enter in the film festival. Really it could be about anything. This event occurred last week Wednesday.

To me my ultimate favourite movie was Te-News, performed by the students of room 15. It was so original, real comedy and the actor (Brodie Jack) was a natural. Many of the few students who have viewed this hilarious film, would’ve definitely agreed with me. At first I thought, ‘man is this another one’, but just watching a bit more I found it quite entertaining, luckily that happened.

In the cinema we got a chance to sit on the lazy boy seats, and ‘oh my gosh wasn’t that just a dream’. Comfy with my feet up relaxing enjoying the many films the schools had to offer. It was awesome! Until... I peered closely and no, there, stood Tanielu and Sela as they appeared on stage. ‘My gosh please don’t be it’, ‘please’. So our movie showed, sliding down my chair how embarrassing. Especially because me, Sela,Tia and Kezia had to flip our hair in one of the scenes, it was part of the movie ‘okay’!

Overall it was an excellent performance that the students had input in their movie. Interesting to see many students involved in these films and hopefully next year will just be as better.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Demolition Darby

Of course I wanna come! One of my older brothers requested for both me and my sister to come with him to Demolition Derby. (Demolition Darby) It’s a racing event consisting of different types of race cars doing set laps non-contact. Sometimes at the end depending on their budget, there’s a race where the cars can contact, do all sorts of tricks and jump over bumps and attempt to crash each others cars. Obviously we wouldn't pass on this great opportunity and it sounds like a lot of fun.

Before we arrived there we stopped at Carl's Junior for a quick bite before rushing off to the arena. Reaching Waikaraka (where demolition darby is held), we came to a stop as our eyes enlarged, my sister and I were so stunned to see how many people my sister and I were so stunned to see how much people were there. No surprises there, huh!

Strolling to the main entrance finding a long que of people who already bought tickets waiting to get in. Entering the grounds through the gates, I looked up seeing a long flight of stairs leading to the top of the stands. There was a barrier that separated the race, and the path at the back that leads to the food canteen. Listening to the sound of the cars lead us …. the corner as I got closer and the throng grew, we took a seat at the back which made it difficult for us to see. Switching seats, we sat on the grass not far from the fence near the tracks.

Prrrmm prrrm! The engines of the cars were getting ready to start, the sound of the engine completely drowned out the voices of those who were talking to me. It really made communicating with others difficult. Suddenly the green light appeared and off they raced, speeding through drifting as they reached the corner was incredible. Having a bet with each other choosing a number on a car, to confirm who would win. Apparently it seemed that my car I choose would always come 2nd, 4th,or 6th, but never first. So the pattern continued.

Shivering as it became chilly , caused my hand to become numb. Especially catching all the great action on the camera forced me to leave my hand from being warm. What was really funny was that, where we were sitting it was near the fence. Going down a few steps not far from where we were sitting, the fence there separated us from the tracks.

Grabbing some hot food I came back to watch the fireworks they had on display for us. ‘Oh my gosh’, it was just the best. To be continued......

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crimson Eclipse

My Planet Crimson Eclipse is unique in every way. Because annually in June the 6th there appears to be a full moon. So in the night time approximately at midnight there will be an eclipse and the moon will became crimson red. That is how it got it's name. It's also one of the colours I like! Anyways as the light shines down upon Glen Innes and gives those who look at it one wish. Just like a shooting star... but better because of the view.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good Shepard Fair

That’s so cool! ‘Sure I wanna come’, as I replied to both of my little cousins. They just invited me to come with them to their fair, held at their school (Good Shepard). Yay! I can’t wait because I don’t really go to fairs often.

Driving off we were getting closer to their school. There were people there already setting up, which explains why it was packed even though it hadn’t started. We attempted to find a car park there but our spot was taken. We went through some sort of a narrow path between their church and the office. Numerous shack looking stores had large banners attracting their costumers attention, and describing their item they were selling.

Astonishingly so many people were there and the all the stores were available. The kick off was at 11:00. The layout of the shops were like so cool. Imagine standing right in the middle of the entire fair. It wasn’t just all food on one side, it was more like an activity (dunk’em) on the left side, candy floss in front of dunk’em, puppet show next to candy floss...well you get the picture. Browsing around I just couldn’t resist all the amazing things they had. So I went and got a cupcake that was beautifully decorated, also a cute lollie kebab, mild butter chicken, sugary churos (Spanish name for cinnamon donuts) and a lot they had to offer.

I don’t know how you would be bored because there were various types of interesting things you could do, I could list them all. Money golf, instead of hitting the golf ball in the hole, you had to hit the golf ball so that it would land on the paper money ($5, $10, $20, and vouchers). Ethnic food, Indian (butter chicken), Samoan (chop suey, taro), Tongan, (pig and yams). There was even a Filipino kebab. Toys on sale, at the end the kids were able to choose variety of toys to take for free, it can be as much as they wanted. Even paintball was accessible, $2 for ten shots at a photo of a teacher glued on wood.

It was such a pleasure to be there and a great opportunity. Can’t wait until next years!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Stars Then You Think

Wow! Just so overwhelmed how huge the sun looks. After viewing a 3 minute clip on our solar system, showed that there are more then just one star. So unexpected to see how large a planet is, then shifting to another one that’s two times bigger, and then increasing the size until it reaches the sun. As it shows the sun, you would be thinking it all stops there, surprisingly it continues to another massive star, then several more stars appear until it reaches the most over-sized, gigantic star. It’s name is called VV Cephei.

So shocked to see all the stars starting form the sun extending to the largest star VV Cephei. The diameter of this star is approximately 2664,800,000, a very large number 'huh'. Learning about the size and scales of our universe is more interesting then it looks. You’d be stunned to see the comparison between the different sizes of the planets and stars.