Monday, March 29, 2010

Urban Beat- A dance group

On Thursday the same day we had Tech, round about in the afternoon there was a surprise for us. Mrs Nua said that it was alright for us to wear track pants. I was thinking why? It was because their was a dance group waiting for us in the hall to teach us a couple of cool dance moves. First they introduced themselves and then we went straight into it. We started off with some warm ups and then learned some easy moves. When we got the hang of it and we finished, each time we would would say ohhh!

Later on we would have dance battles. It wasn't boys and girls it would be like a mix thing. We would be divided and put into a group with one of the dancers. The aim was we would do one dance move counting 8 beats, then point to another team. You would get out by not doing the same moves or getting out of time. Then we did some more dancing. I really enjoyed doing this it was really great.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Highlight for camp-Dunker

First of all the dunker was the scariest and the funniest game you would want to play! If you don't know what it is, it's that game when there's a person sitting on the seat and underneath the seat is a little pool they will fall in. But that will happen when you chuck the ball at the button. You might have seen these on a TV programme or you might have heard it. You will have 3 throws. When I was on the seat I was vibrating and I had butterflies in my stomach.

Smack! I fell straight away in the cold water with my ugly facial shown in the little see through window. Luckily no one was watching. It was such a great experience to try. In my mind I was thinking my first target is Tamati because he's the one who got me out. But someone already got him out, what a bummer. You should try this. It's really fun, also it's really refreshing too. That was my best highlight for camp.

Camp Kindness

Yay! I'm extremely excited and ready for camp. I arrived here with my day pack ready and my good attitude. I walked around school and saw that there's already tents being put up. We all went in the hall and had a little talk and reminders. Then all the year 7's went to the marquee and helped put the rest of the tents up,and make sure that the peg is in properly.

At camp we did some really cool activities like Waka Ama, swimming at YMCA, going to the Rec- centre near Tamaki college, Archery, log joust, dunker, learning some dance moves from urban beat and going to swimarama at the end of the day. It was a blast at camp especially with the yummy food we ate. We were all really excausted and couldn't wait to go sleep. Hmmm! Hopefully next year will be better.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Graphics at Tech

On Thursday even though we were on camp we still had tech. I was thinking hopefully we would do something really fun and we did.

We were lucky that day because we were able to go on the computers in the ICT lab. We signed in as the login we got given. Next we went in to Adobe Illustrator and created different sorts of shapes, played around with the colours,strokes and the gradient box. It was very colourful and and we created these designs. This part of graphics was the best thing we did at tech. I wish we can carry on and keep doing these kinds of things at tech. This was a funky picture I designed during tech at Tamaki. I found it really fun colouring it in with the gradient box,because you can add all sorts of colours in to it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Korero Comic life

In the past days we've been working on our project that Mrs Nua gave for us to do. We got given a school Korero and had to do 4 more of them. So then we can go around taking photos and showing what kind of korero we did. We got put in 5 groups of 5 and went around doing the photos. We also had to include a photo with an adult. The korero we got given was use your W.I.T.S. and 4 others, Bin it, stop think and do,Be nice to the grass and garden and play the right way.

Our Class Acrostic Poem

Yesterday we made up a Acrostic Poem that had something to do with our school or Topic. Each groups in our class made a rap or a song. It had to rhyme, make sense,you had to be confident and you had to have a loud volume when you say it. When we were working on it we all picked our favourite rhyme and put it together and some we just made up. We finished the whole thing and went outside to rehearse it.

We all had wacky ideas and thought about doing a beat box thing but then, our reliever said what about you just make sure you say the ending words properly and have good rhythm. Then our teacher said 'it's time to come inside'. We were panicking and hoping we weren't first. I was begging my fingers please, please don't be first and then she said Sione group and then followed by our group. We were so shy and nervous some people in my group were pushing each other in front so no one can see them. Then we started to say our rap it was funny.

Our rap;
Protection is guaranteed
There are friendly people here indeed
Encourage each other to do their best
No one tries to fail a test
Growing minds is what we have here
Loosing against other schools is our fear
And hear we strive to succeed
Not even some of us knows how to read
Do what the teacher says or else you will be dead!

Thank you for reading. This is mostly by my friend Sela thank you for letting me use your poem.