Monday, November 29, 2010

29 Miners Confirmed Dead

Devastating news coming about the 29 miners. As most of us have already heard in newspaper, from reporters and live news another explosion occurred in Grey mouth, the police informed us that miners were confirmed dead . Many family’s are grieving and took part on the service where they all gathered together to remember their loved ones.

At the Pike river the youngest miners aged to the oldest (17-62) have been trapped underground with their desperation levels rising. Another massive blast occurred and based on the explosion experts believe no one could have survived. This all started on Friday and continued on as the miners family’s ask to remove their body's.

Only two miners survived who managed to escape before the commencing of the blast. It has been said that altogether there has been 4 explosions.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ultimate Athletes

Thump! As the ball landed out of the school grounds, laying on the field. Shaniah finished having her throw, It finally reached my turn. The noise of my supportive friends encouraged me a lot. I was focussed and ready I leaned over and bent down to pick the ball, I threw as far as I could.

Athletics already began, it was an annual event displayed every year at our school field. This is to find our elite athletes in each activity. Many people came dressed up in their house colours Takitemu,Te Arawa, Tainui and Mataatua.

My highlight would have to be Softball throw and Discus. The reason why was because Ms T announced that I came first in Softball throw. Another reason was that I came first and then suddenly I was knocked out by Racheal in discus. A new experienced sport we never knew how to play, was javelin, you were given a technique to follow. You had to pretend it was like a dart, slide it through your ear and aim down.

Now I can’t wait until Interzone (This Wednesday)!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Studying a new way

All the times that we presented, conferenced and shared why we want this Netbook so badly, has finally payed off. Actually fulfilling our dreams of getting our Netbooks, and now we have the opportunity to muck around with it and use it for learning for the rest of the term.

We're posting this piece of writing to share the cool experience with you. It was a exhilarating feeling for me to be able to be the first year sevens in the Tamaki cluster to use our flash Netbooks. Can't wait until next year when we actually keep them!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fia Fia Night

Puffed out and breathing heaverly for being Mr Burt’s runners, actually distracted me from feeling nervous on the hours of darkness . Jogging going zic zac through classes checking they were organized and ready for the big event . Our Fia Fia night which means entertainment had kick off at 7pm, but it seemed like everyone was here when dropping their child at 6 o’clock.

One thing that really shocked and showed the goose bumbs in me was the amount of guest that showed up, 7 o’clock was the kick off start to our gathering. It looks as though everyone tried to get a front row seat. As we all cramped up in the hall and the breeze, our new foyer.
We quickly got settled and finally started.

After all this practise it finally lead up to this night. Sneaking around I took a peak at some of the costume. It was mostly the girl's that looked stunning. It was nice to get complements from parents and friends at the end.