Friday, May 28, 2010

My Personal shields

Onto the final step! Last Term we've been working on our personal Shields we created. First of all we will practise by making a draft in our books. After I chose my diamond which is my favourite shape, inside I would rule 4 parts and in those spaces they will have a meaning to each of them.

On the top right I drew some things that were part of my culture, the opposite side on the left I drew my hobbies. The bottom left I draw-ed what I wanted to be when I grow up and the other side next door I decided just to decorate my name in it.

I reakon I did well on my project. I finished it on time. I would rate it 9 and a half.

Try and guess what I was trying to draw. I had heaps of fun doing and decorating this to make it something about me.

My volcano stack and five fabulous facts

As you already know you've seen many volcano stacks lately. Here is my one I created and my five fabulous facts.
1. In Auckland we have 48 volcanoes near us and they are mostly cinder cone.
2. Mt Peele in west Indies is a plug dome, it can erupt violently
3. Mt Ruapehu had erupted in 25th September 2007, it was a huge explosion.
4. Most volcanoes are found on the edge of plates.
5. The last time Rangitoto erupted erupted was 600 years ago.
Hope you learnt some facts about volcanoes.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Speaking Out To The Mayor

Oh my gosh! We're speaking to the Mayor. This is so nerve racking, I've spoken to heaps of visitors but never the mayor. Sela, Tia and I were the Welcoming Committee. We went out to the front car park waiting nervously thinking if he was going to come here in a limo or something. We were chattering excitedly, also wondering if the mayor was going to show up or not.

Suddenly some man in a fancy car appeared driving past us staring, I was thinking who is he then I thought harder, that's the mayor of course. We raced to his car, when he said "where should I park my car?" We replied"just straight ahead I think.

As he came out we introduced ourselves and told him to follow us this way. Then Mr Banks spotted that we had a cow paddock right next to our school and thought it was really cool. Finally we went inside and it began.

I was feeling pretty confident then I was before. When we were at the end I was feeling really proud and happy when it was over. We all sat on the table and discussed what we could do to solve our problems.

In the beginning we talked about the issue how we have problems with our local pool and our own beach. What really had me hooked was when Mr banks invited our class as well as us to come to his office and have morning tea. He said this is a learning journey.

But before any of that can happen. First step of our learnig journey, we need to make a 15 min presentation to the community board. Then we would send an email to the chairperson Kate Sutton and copy it to the mayor. Next step we would state the issue and request an audience with the board. 3rd step if there's no action then we would go to the ACC Website and would have a council meeting or go to the events committee.

I felt really empowered when he told us this because we were working kids, just like young adults. Who would know where it can lead us to. Fame and fortune, we could be the mayor's secretary. I'm really looking forward to this interesting journey and the delicous morning tea after all the hard work. Isn't this a speacial event to look forward to.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother"Happy Mother's day!" I said to my mum. I gave her my present for mother's day and gave her a hug. Normally on a Sunday we would go to church with all the mother's and grandma's their, lining up some where and we would come around giving them a lollie necklace or a gift. Then we would get ready as soon as church finishes and start.

As I was still walking after going past many people
, heaps of Mother's especially the Nana's and grandma's had most of lollie necklace around their neck. As that would finish we would have a big feast. Normally the mother's go out, but I think that they just wanted to have it together just this one time.

Arriving h0me as soon as I could I hugged my mum one last time and ate her lollie necklace together. My Nana came home with many lollie necklaces, and I know where I'll be going after church. I had a great time together with my mum! Hope you other mother's enjoyed your
Mother's Day 's day!