Monday, April 7, 2008


This is a group doing rockclimbing and this is another person doing kayaking these are some of the stuff we did at camp

Three weeks ago the senior school went to camp. There were lots of people getting prepared, there were cooks, security guards and people who were putting up tents. They were all trying so hard to get everything done in time and guess what? They did. At camp we slept outside on our school field. We also did lots of activities like rock climbing, ten bin bowling, kayaking, blow carts, orientering and heaps more. In camp the teams names were Sharers, Carers, Protectors, Paticipators, Nga Kaiawhina and Nga Kaitautoko. At camp there were a whole lot of things you could do. You have to stick with your team though and we also had to practice an item.

The big lunch

On good friday after church we went to my auntie's house and had a big feed.I was so excited and starving.I couldn't wait to go to my auntie's house.When we arrived their,I hoped out of the car and I could smell some delicous food.It was barbeque,my uncle was cooking steak,chops and sausages.

Then I went inside the house and sat down and waited when auntie would ask if I wanted to come and go with her to get the patatoes,soy sauce and milk.Then we went back to my auntie's house.My mum started to do the patatoes and my auntie and my dad went to go and get the great tong. It was so yummy and tastey.Then we went home I was exausted.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Things we did at the reserve

At the reserve we ate our yummy lunch and build stuff with the sand but it was very windy.Also heaps of people were playing near the sea on the left side where their were slippery rocks.Lucky no one fell and heart their selfs.Heaps of people were trying to find some crabs and they did,but they had to throw them away.Most of the time I was just playing with my friends,sela,destiney and kezia.I really enjoyed playing games and having fun with our friends down at the reserve.It was so exciting but at the end when we had to leave lot's of people were tired and wanted to go home straight away.So we all went back to school and left when the bell rang.I ran fast so I can just jump on my bed and have a nap.

Picnic pictures of me and my friends