Monday, August 23, 2010


In MihiMihi, one of our new rooms. I'm testing out to see which laptop the kids at our school are going to have. I'm really happy to see which one of the laptops we're going to choose. We have choices of having Eee PC, MSI Wind, and Classmate. My best choice is having Eee PC. The reason why is that it has a bigger key board and it's lighter for others to carry. The operating system on the computer (Jolly Cloud) is faster and everything runs smoothly, plus the speaker is really loud which is good.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Riley's Birthday At Chipmunks

Ahh! As I yawned. Waking up early at 6am on Saturday was because it was my baby cousin [Riley’s] birthday. The birthday party was held at Chipmunks in Henderson, down the road where we played rugby against Henderson intermediate.
Kick off was at 1 o’clock.

Filled with so much excitement, I had butterfly’s tickling my stomach. Ha ha! I keep on giggling I just can’t help it, I’m to over excited. Arriving there was even more pleasant because I couldn’t wait to go on the popular slide.

Later approximately 5 past 1 everybody arrived then, that’s what usually happens at celebrations. The room was getting more crowded as more family members entered the room. Even some of the adults and parents were trying to look from outside.

Happy Birthday to you x2, we all said ‘Hooray’, when you tried to touch the flame on the candles. Hip hip, hooray x2, we all had a nice meal and all the kids rushed off to play. I straight away went on the slide and reached the top.

‘Quickly’, said my cousin we raced down the slide. Watch out! It was like a snake track too many little kids at corners trying to climb up again. Since their were too many children I went to the jungle and climbed up till I got to this slide. Wow! This slide is the bomb it goes so fast like skate boarding down a steep hill.

This was such a fun day it was really quite a turn out and it was really good to be surrounded by my family again.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My MI Test

This term when we have e-learning we go on the computers we have a opportunity to be able to take our Multiple Intelligence test to see what smart's we are. It shows that I'm mostly music smart and people smart. The smart that was low for me was picture smart. I think that I need to study at home and try my best even when I don't know the answers. I want to at least improve in an area so that I can be proud.
We had 40 questions overall to answer and then finally we got our answers back. Here is my results.