Friday, July 30, 2010

My Amazing business card

To entertain our visitors and to make sure that they want to see more from us. We created a business card so that the visitors can give us feed back and we can show more of our awesome work. The deadline for this project is by today and I tried my best to create it. I finished it on time!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Holidays Aren't So Bad

No! After ending such a fun day of Term 2, I was planning what I was going to do in the 2 week holidays. I'm a person who doesn't like weekends, holidays it's so boring nothing to do at all. I planned to go out bowling and to play with my closes friends, just to keep my happy mood continuing.

So far I've been to ten pin bowling with Victoria and my dad, it was such a blast. We mostly spent time playing 1 and $2 games. My best game was the basket ball game because I got most of my goals in. We quickly rounded up all the tickets we had won from playing all the games, in total we got 197.

Already on Thursday we've gone to Pakuranga, me and Victoria browsed around the store while my sister went shopping. We heard a crowd cheering and I was thinking what is that sound. I headed down with Victoria and saw that people were auditioning for 5 minutes of fame, the acts and performances were so cool.

The winners of the competition was this 12 year old boy Sam[1st place] and a 16 year old girl came 2nd. Both place getters won a Panasonic radio and they'll be in the finals to challenge the others that won.

Then the next day on Friday on the second week of the holidays. Victoria's family and I were going out to go to rainbow's end, but telling by the weather we knew that it wouldn't be happening. All of us were disappointed about it and thought that we can still go out. Instead we went to watch a movie at Hoyts. It was Toy Story 3 in 3D.

It was really cool when we sat down in the cinemas, on the screen it said put your 3D glasses on. In the beginning there was a preview of Avatar, I thought that it really did look real and his eyes really glowed.

My favourite part of Toy story 3 is when Ken tells Barbie how to reverse Buzz lightyear back to his normal self, they tried to do it and instead he starts to speak Mexican.

I had a great time playing and going out in these active events. I had heaps of fun and holidays aren't so bad, now I don't want to go back to school.