Friday, June 24, 2011

Information about Japan

Mushi mushi! That’s how you say hi in Japanese. In Taoga time we’ve swapped groups. My class is learning about Japanese and practising our Mihi’s. We were searching the web and had to find out some information like what is the population in japan. There’s approximately 127,960,00 people in Japan. The largest islands or the main islands is Honshu, hokkaido kyushu shikoku.

I know this one, another info we had to find out was the capital city of Japan, also known as the Land of the rising sun. It’s Tokyo, Tokyo is also the largest city. There’s about 46 of the worlds greatest landmarks. One of the prominent landmarks is the Tori gate, it stands in the sea 500 ft, there’s also Mount fuji, Nara Todaishii and more landmarks.

Some interesting facts about Japan is that on respect for the aged day, tabacco companies will hand out free cigarettes to the elderly outside of train stations and department stores. Did you know that some Japanese love corn, sesame seeds and mayonaise in their pizza. Japanese people take hot baths every night, some do not have showers installed in their bathrooms. When you go to a funeral or a wedding you must take a gift of money.

So I can’t wait to make Sushi!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Technology has changed over time and developed over the years. This argument is to show that technology has definitely made a huge difference in our lives. The argument is why/ why not cellphones have transformed and made a change in our lives.

Back then they hardly had any technology and I reckon life was harder, for example phones weren’t portable, it was a struggle because you couldn't email, chat, keep in contact, communicate faster and more ways that makes it hard without technology.

But that’s why they’ve invented bigger, better, faster, and stronger technology. For example cellphones, iphones, ipad’s, laptops, there’s just so many new inventions still coming out. These technology are very popular around the world and everyone always try and be the first to get the latest ones.

My opinion and what I think of technology making a improvement in our lives is, yes and no. I am not certain as to why I decided to choose this option because yes technology has transformed our lives and has upgraded over the years. The reason why it’s easier for us to know where we are by an instant phone call, chatting with our friends, keeping in touch with our mates if they’re in different parts of the city or world, skyping or video chatting to see family and friends again, taking images to show other people what we’ve been up to, writing on the laptop, computer or whatever fancy technology we use. So that we are able to share with the world how we learn and improve in our learning, also what we do in our daily lives. There’s just a load of ideas as to why technology is such a popular device.

Like I said, I also choose no, the reason why is because for some people phones are just a pain and is just so irritating. I mean there’s a lot of possibility that your phone can have viruses, not work, load slow, sometimes when you activate a site, inappropriate pop up sites appear out of no where, it can also not big enough for your hands to text on or if touch screen type on. It’s a hassle and a big responsibility depending how much it costs and price. Also what you store inside your Sim card can be very personal but now could be erased. Sometimes when you actually know it’s out of your sight for good, maybe someone has found it and decide to keep it and store in their things. Some people if they are that wicked they can do far more worse things your things, for example find out things about you, blackmail you, pretend to be you and do something you didn’t do.

I don’t think that it has been proved whether or not technology has really improved our lives.