Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Term 3 Highlights

My top favourite highlights for term 3 was being able to watch the Rugby World Cup . Playing different sports each seasons. Tamaki Tech was one of my few highlights as well and Badminton.

An outstanding opening ceremony indicated the beginning or opening of the Rugby World Cup. All of the teams have had at least played two games. Tuning in live from home, I observed as some of the teams played exceptionally good, whether winning or losing. Some extremely superb players were as fast a cheetah, and just zoomed their way through the field.

Every Mondays at 8:30 year 7/8 stroll down to Tamaki college for Tamaki Tech. Various types of groups allowed us to mingle around and let us learn the different areas of technology. So far we were able to do Graphics, Electronics, Science and next week Cooking. Yay!

Sports was a absolute favourite of mine. Like Badminton, Netball, Softball, basketball and many more awesome sports still to come,(volley ball). This year we’ve managed to practise a bit more, and have mad a massive improvement, which we are proud to say. I Can’t wait until our Volley ball Tournament!

This Term has been a blast and I can’t wait until next term.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rugby World Cup Games

My Gosh! That was the most incredible display I’ve ever seen! It’s also the only opening ceremony that I’ve seen for the rugby world cup anyways. The first rugby match for rugby world cup 2011 is, All Blacks vs Tonga. How spectacular was this game.

Watching the sensational Richard Kahui who scored the first try in the rugby world cup. Then the opposition (Tonga) were fearsome and put up a very good match. Still the All Blacks made an effort to score more tries. Shifting the score to 29 - 3 for half time.

The man in the bright red shoes, Ma’a Nonu steps and the flicks a pass to … and then received it again. Amazingly he scored another try for the AB’s, I’m sure this made them feel even more superb. Tonga were determined and never gave up. All you see is Tonga fighting back by getting closer to the try line. This is when the powerful Sona Taumalolo (in Tongan team), the player that’s difficult to tackle. Pushes through and was able to score a try.

The massive crowd in red cheered loudly, and screamed when Tonga scored a try. Still that that wasn’t enough to be able to beat the All Blacks. Again swapping the score to 40 - 10, what an awesome performance from both teams. All Blacks walking with their heads held high, and the crowd giving a standing ovation. They were very proud!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011

In class we've working on how we can improve on our writing. By doing that we've been learning to use better vocabulary and adjectives. This will help us to enhance our writing and improve in our test.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Re - Working Of Juniors Cross Country

Already several intermediate kids in classes of rm 19, 20, 21, and 22, have already had their cross country race. Being held at our school, also running through Tahuna Torea, (only for year 4 up to yr 6’s). Our Primary part of the school had their cross country race on Wednesday.

Since our cross country race has passed. Some kids from the intermediate block were chosen to be marshalls. Sela, Mauina, Moses, Kezia, and myself were selected from our class.

Observing a couple of races, it was so thrilling for me. First up was the 5 year old girls, following by the boys. As Mr Burt announced “GO”, the little kids (girls) went rushing off speeding around the field. Following in front of them would be a year 8 helper, just to direct them through their racing course.

When it was time for the older lot to race ( year 4 to 6). The marshalls would be positioned into the location we were placed in. My Partner Sela and I jogged just passed the start line with our paper arrow pointing right. Pointing towards the next marshalls (Mauina and Kezia). Again Mr Burt would say “GO” and off they went. Seeing all of them sprinting and their facials, they were pretty funny.

After lunch our class came back to watch the remaining of the race. Where most of the kids had already completed their cross country run. Sometimes when the kids were running in two’s making their way towards the finish line. Both of them would challenge each other, and then sprint to see who would come first. Too bad our class was mucking around and were sent back to class. Wow! I was shocked to see that kids were still smiling at the end of the race, like it was a piece of cake.

It was a pleasure to be a marshall out there, cheering on the little kids.