Friday, October 9, 2009

The Three Tiny Pigs

This Term we have been making animations about a fairy tale. It was based on our topic Art in story telling. Our teacher came up with a wicked idea. She said what if we can add a twist so we did. We called it twisted fairy tale[T.F.T]. So I am going to explain to you what our movie is about. There were three cute tiny pigs playing on the playground. One of them decided to build his own house because he always have to share with the twins. So the twins became jealous and thought they could do better.

So they each went off building there own houses. Buk the eldest made his house out of chocolate, crush made his house out of colourful candy and eddy made his house out of rock cake. Along came little green candy she was hungry and just loved candy. So she gobbed up Buk's house .Then she saw a long drive way she went through it and she saw the candy house. She thought to herself I'm still not full so she ate it all up. She carried on her journey to her grandmothers house. On the way she saw Eddy's rock house she took a bite and her teeth started to fall out one by one. She grabbed her basket and went off.

Then the 3 little pigs came back and saw that all their houses had disappeared except for Eddie's house. Eddie looked at his house carefully and saw a green strip that came from a type of clothing and a tooth. So they went in his house and scanned it. The paper came out and it said little green candy hood. So they searched for little green candy hood. The End

An Amazing Outing

Hooray! I've been waiting for this since last last week. I invited my friends [Kezia and Destiney] to come with me to an outing which is to go bowling,burger king,YMCA and the park at Salima talangi . I was over excited and got ready straight away at 10;00 . So I walked over to the sitting room to watch some TV until they came. It was about 10;50 and I saw some one come in it was Destiney I quietly screamed in my mind and just wanted to leave,not without kezia of course. We started eating some chippy's and heard the phone ring it was Kezia she rang just in time for us to go and pick her up . So we walked to her house and came back so that we can all go with my mum and sister.

My uncle arrived and dropped us off to panmure. We put all our stuff away and ran down to ten pin bowling. What was funny was that instead of playing ten pin bowling we spent all our time and money playing one and two dollar games. Like air hockey, shoots, this game where the light spins around then you try and hit the button on the spinner zone then you hit it again and if you get it you get 500 tickets. Last of all a game where you move the crane pick up a chocolate and chuck it on this plat form then this thing will push the chocolate and the chocolate will fall and you get it and eat it. It was amazing we had 40 chocolate.

After that we went down to burger king and had a feed. we had the 3 for five dollar meal and also sticked on our cool freddo tattoo on our hands that we won from the machine. We all got the same meals sundaes,cheese burger and a drink. It was so cool we were talking and laughing at the same time. Once we finished we walked down to my mum's work and started painting and drawing our names then we would decorate it. After that we went outside and played shoots and tiggy. Then we came back inside and wanted to play hide a seek. Destiney counted and me Kezia hid. It was so hard for hear to look for us she took about 10 minutes. Then she finally saw us we got ready to catch the train.

Off we go we walked over to the train station next to KFC. When we were there we started to race down the stairs and play tiggy. Then I heard this sound it was the train we ran over in case we miss it. We trained down to Glenn Innes and walked to YMCA pools. The weather was sizzling I couldn't wait to touch that cold pool. Finally we put our stuff in the changing room and power walked to the cold pool. Ahhh that's better. My friends and I played freeze,tiggy,this race game and played this game when you have to go under their legs. We stayed in the pool for 2 hours. Then we got changed and walked back to our houses. What a spectacular day that was!