Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Art in Storytelling

Have you seen my princess my one and only true love said Mr Burt.We danced last night at the ball, we said no and so did the parents.He walked down the ile with a green type of clothing on that men wear at their ball.I was saying in my mind what a funny start to the term.We started of with the korero Mr Burt said if you get this korero you get two stickers.Go! April from room 17 was the first hand up.She got it right it was keep it real and keep trying.Altogether she got 3 stickers 1 for sitting up and 2 for getting the korero right.

First up was team 1 they had different teachers coming up and letting the children having a try at guessing what they dressed as. Mrs Jarmen was up first she was acting as chicken little with a acorn on her head. Next was Miss Barks she was Goldilocks,you can tell because she had porridge and gave it out to children. Their were 4 people that got it they were so lucky. So then it was Mrs loal turn she was dressed as a princess that had to kiss a frog . Then it was Mrs Jarmen's turn she was dressed as chicken little with a hat that had brown leaves on it. After that it was Ms Wild turn she was little red riding hood,she had a red coat with a basket of goodies.To be continued