Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hot Air Balloon

During SSR our class [Room15] saw the trailer that had the hot air balloon in it, drive past. We all ran to the window and looked at it then Mr Jacobson called on the speaker that we had to go to the court.

Mr Burt introduced two men named Darryl and Matt who were here to show us how the hot air balloon works and how it floats. They got a humungous fan and put cold air into the ballon so it started to rise up. It looked tremendous. I felt lke going inside the ballon. If I did it would have smelt like rotten cheese and smelly gym socks.

When the fan was blowing it sounded like the rolling waves. I could feel the fan coming towards us. When we went around the balloon it felt a little bit crinkley and kind of smooth like a pillow. We all took a photo and it looked funny.

Next Darryl lit the two burners. They were blowing out fire. They were heating up the air in the balloon. It sounded like a roaring lion. The balloon got bigger and bigger. It covered the sun from us so it got shady. Then everybody said 'Yay'. The balloon was wobbling like a jelly and jiggly like in real life and then everyboy were racing to eat it.