Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome To PE

On Friday's after morning tea, team 5 has Taoga time. We joined into our 8 groups, I'm in Mrs Telea class which is currently making movies in Imovie 11 . This is a little snippet of what we created in our class. This shows the Pt England way, following directions, showing respect to others, being courteous, including others , taking charge by respecting the school rules and our brand new intermediate classes. Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Camp TC Reflection

Camp is an annual event that is always held outside on our school field. Before rushing out the door I just double checked my gear again. When I arrived at school, I could see there were only a few people at school. And to think that this whole time I thought I was late!

Camp TC is our name of our camp, and it stands for Take Charge. All the year 7 and 8 campers got separated into 6 groups. Participatorz (my group), Thinkerz, Respectablez, Responsiblez, Carerz and Motivatorz. In my head I was just extremely excited to hear that I would be in a tent with Sela.

As we emerged into one line we separated into two teams and left to go. Our first activity for the day was with Mr Harris. We had very strange names for our activity and played against each other to find the winning team. One of the games we got to play was when we had to roll the ball past the cone, then we run after it, pick it up and pass it to the next player.

The very next morning we were given instructions to present a MTV movie, a group item and a stand out performance. Our group was last to film our MTV. It was sort of a struggle thinking of ideas and controlling your team at the same time.
That same afternoon, there was a company named rock up. They provided us with various different types of games that we all participated in together. So many fun filled games we could participate in like the Dunker which I will tell you later on, rock wall, Alligator Alley, Ski boards and Archery.

My favourite highlight for camp was the dunker. I took a deep breath, taking a glimpse back at my team mates who were eager to get a turn at throwing the ball. I was ready to hit the target. As I held the ball I got that feeling where I knew I was going to
push that button. I flicked the ball up and down in my hand, then with all my power I threw it as hard as I could. My aim was accurate. My eyes followed the ball as it got closer to the target. It pushed it back with a ‘bang’! Nathaniel splashed into the water, with a surprised look o
n his face. It was the greatest feeling getting people out and I was going around saying yeah, yeah, yeah!

On the last day of camp TC we headed down to Swimarama and enjoyed the last day. Exhausted as we were, we came together in the street and heard our final instructions. We got our gear and for the first time since camp started we left to go home. This was the best yr 7&8 camp we’ve had so far and will always be.

Friday, March 11, 2011

How To Set up A Tent

Procedure: How to put up a tent

When a tent is put up (pitched) correctly, people can then start to move in and start to make use of it by sleeping inside it.

- Pegs
-tent bag

Method; Step 1. Check to make sure that you have all the equipment you need. Then you can start.

Step 2. Start to unpack all the equipment out of the bag and lay out the base of your tent.

Step 3. Begin by pegging the pegs on the corners of the tent with a hammer.

Step 4. Carefully connect the poles together and thread the poles through the holes on the tent. Clip them through the holes to the base of your tent.

Step 5. Start to attach or tie the string on top of the tent and tie it to where the poles cross over.

Step 6. Get the cover and spread it over the top of your tent. This will keep your tent wind proof and water proof.

Step 7. Then start to zip up your tent or if you want to go inside and look in it.
This will keep the mosquito's and anything else from creeping inside. Check once more to see if it’s stable just in case and then your doneSo this is how you set up a tent.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Having Netbooks in our class and now that it is our very own is a great experience for us. Last year was the year where we were still trialing it out and the years have skimmed right past us. Already you know we get to take it home and it is a magnificent feeling inside.

On the Netbooks you can do so much there's blogging, chatting, playing games, emailing. It is so fun because it keeps you connected with your friends and it's so addictive. Soon when we own it, I want to download some music, photos, footage and more stuff.

So far on the Netbooks we've been creating our own graphs and learning about statistics. It is a really cool way to learn, it gives us information and it shows a better way of understanding info. We've also been finishing our post off and our class survey.

The time we get to go on our Netbooks, is the most interesting learning part in our literacy. I am really excited about going on our Netbooks in the morning most of the time and I can't wait to take them home.