Friday, April 23, 2010

What a Lucky baby

As you know on April the 5th is Easter Monday. On that day it was my baby cousin Austin's birthday. I was amazed how fast his 1st birthday arrived and happened today. I was so, so excited. We got ready and got picked up by my auntie and drove down to Cornwall Park- that's where the birthday was held. We arrived and realized that we needed more things. So we went back and forth until we had everything we needed.

When that trip ended we finally got to go out and explore the place. It was really packed, you could see all 7 grills being used. I saw Austin with his mum being fed. He looked really cute and handsome in his green Samoan t-shirt. While we unwrapped all the food more people arrived. We were finally all ready and started the Birthday.

We all grabbed a plate and dug in. The food was tastey and mouth watering like grilled kebabs, sweet and sour, the grilled meat, bacon and egg potato salad and much more. When we finished we went and played volley using my sister as the net, also passes and touch with the boys.

There was a final thing to do; blow the candles on the birthday cake and have dessert. It was so painful having to light the candle and having the wind blow it out every time. But finally we got it and lowered him down so he could blow it out. Yay! He did it. We sang happy birthday in English and Samoan. Then we had some moist fudge brownie, the cute giraffe birthday cake and last of all the colourful fruit kebabs. We played a last game of soccer, it was so funny. Later we said good bye as people left and packed up the marquee.

Lastly there was a funny part. A random little boy came and stole Austin's green big bouncy ball and ran away with it. But luckily I got it back. That was a beautiful birthday and a memory to remember!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tuakana Teina

Some days after lunch time our class get together with the year 1 classes and help them with their e-learning. Our goal as a Tuakana is to help the little ones with some simple skills. For example saving their work that's a hard one and making sure it's in the right place. That will help them in the future so they can learn and do the same for others. I think that it's really helpful and it's a great example to the little kids. It's a great experience.