Friday, May 20, 2011

Immersion Rotation

Each term we have different topics and as always we’ve had immersion assembly to show kids the meaning of this topic and to give them a head start. We missed out on immersion assembly because we had tech. Still the teachers came up with an idea to have an immersion rotation with our teachers. Our new topic is BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER. Our five teachers in our team selected one of the themes: Imagination, Creativity, Discovery, Innovation, and Practicality.

We learnt about imagination with our own teacher. What we did was we created our imaginary pet called a zinger pinger. For our pet we designed what we wanted our pet to look like, whether it’s a she or he, the cool things she had and could do, and her own island. I really enjoyed it a lot, thinking outside of the box. I’m nearly finished with it because I’m making it really detailed.

Our second class was creativity with Ms Tito. We came up with different ways of how we could come up with a funky idea to design our names. It was cool because we could use anything to be constructive with our drawing and people were hiding their ideas every time people tried to sneak a peek.

Our last rotation was discovery with Mrs Nua. We first did an acrostic poem for discovery. Afterwards we had a competition to see who could create a shield or a barrier to protect an egg from cracking, when dropping it from 1 metre high. As we planned and got ready for our final design, we all started our experiment. We were given an egg, several straws, popsicle sticks, rubber bands and measuring tape. Our groups were in three’s and I was with Sela and Kezia. We placed out the newspaper and each group made their way outside to start.

Our final results didn’t turn out so good. Apparently our egg cracked, but it was very cool though. The winner was Casey and Tanielu. So what I learned from discovery was whether we could find out if our experiment worked or not. It was such a lot of fun.

Out of the entire immersion rotation I learnt heaps of things from the different teachers we worked together with. I really enjoyed it!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trip To The Zoo

Yes! I had the chills when we were getting ready to go to the zoo, this was part of my aunties work (Vodafone). It was awesome because I've hardly been to the zoo in ages, not since I was little and I was so eager to go. We drove closer to our destination and I became more excited. I was vibrating in my seat and my baby cousin was staring at me awkwardly. We saw the sign that said Auckland Zoo, and we headed to get our wrist bands for those that were part of the Vodafone company.

First thing we did was to go and visit the monkeys. It was so cool I filmed the monkeys hanging on the tree, it was awesome and Austin was trying to pronounce monkey. It was fun because other times I have visited the zoo the animals haven't come out and it was great to see a change. We headed to the center of the zoo and there were many bouncy castles, and a sausage sizzle stand.

A little while later we came to get a sausage sizzle. The sausage was wrapped around a really fancy bread with onions and sauces. I took a bite, it was really nice. We went to the kid zone where all the small animals were, Austin went through the green tunnel many times and I just couldn't handle it. The animals that I thought were small turned out to be very large for their size, like guinea pigs which made me wonder when was the last time I came here.

Anyways, we went around and saw many more animals like the parrot, tortoise, monkeys again Austin and my other cousin were insane running around. Lastly I went and grabbed myself a Magnum, yum! As the hours of darkness came, we left and grabbed dinner. It was one of my best Saturday’s I’ve had and I can’t wait for this Saturday to see what’s in stored for me.