Friday, December 9, 2011

End Of Our Year Prizegiving

Overall throughout the entire year, we motivate ourselves and do the best we can to reach the top (succeed). Our motto Strive To Succeed is a really important message, which some of us use to help us to work better.

Prize giving was the most momentous event that occurs annually at the end of each school year. I could feel the butterflies starting to kick in. I had the chills as we began. Reaching the year 8 awards, my heart was beating so quickly that I was getting so sweaty.

As I took a glance over to hear who going to win and this prize. With an absolute shock it was my name being announced for representing our school in the Auckland netball team. Standing up to strut down the red carpet I was feeling pretty glad. To actually get an award felt absolutely amazing.

The last award I received was for coming 3rd in the academic area. Moses and I tied for 3rd equal. Tanielu came second and overall Sela came 1ST, which means she received Dux! She was the top of the school.

I was really proud and hopefully next year I can improve.