Monday, May 25, 2009

PMI [Positive Minus Interesting]

On Monday in extension we got into 4 groups of 3 or 4 people.Then we got a big piece of paper and had to write down PMI which stands for Positive,Minus,Interesting,as you can see written on top.With that we got given a subject and we had to write down things that were we liked,things that we didn't like and things that were interesting for us.So in my group it was Sela,Paulitia,Bobbi grace and me.Me and Sela were writing and paulitia and Bobbi grace were coming up with ideas and so did we.

On positive we wrote pork bones are tasty,Flickr[Mihi],special VC[video conference,Row celebration,garage band and last of all keynote doing what food we ate in 1 a day.That is what our group thought I agree with all of them and the most that I like was how we woke up at 5am for our VC with America.It was so cool because they were asking as questions and we answered back.We also sang a song called Nga waka and Mrs Telea was playing the guitar.

Next was Minus things that we didn't like and needed to be fixed.On it was how we didn't get to VC with peru.I agree with that to and that is what I thought.

Last of all was Interesting something we really liked the most.What I liked the most was how we learnt different things like getting to go on google earth and having to find our restaraunt,the capital city and a restaraunt in the capital city. I know is sounds like a hard work it will at first but you'll get the hang of it.So then we had to read out what we have got so far. We got our bags and went just in time for the home bell to ring.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My fun day

On Sunday It was a great day for me except that I had 1 problem - I was exhausted because, you know how I had to go to our 29th anniversary at our church? Well, I went to sleep at 3:00 or 3:30 and woke up at 7:30 am so I only had 5 hours and 30 min of sleep. So then I woke up and went to watch TV. I waited for my sister and her friends Leah and Christine to wake up.

Someone knocked on the door and finally my sister woke up and told me to get the door. It was my auntie and my two cousins. So I sat down with my cousins and watched Wizard of Waverley Place.Then I heard my sister's friend wake up and they looked so tired. But then my Mum called out, "Time For Breakfast". I could smell the delicious food all the way from our sitting room to the kitchen so I raced and saw that she had made scrambled eggs, spaghetti and bread. I quickly got my food went to go and sit down so my food wouldn't be cold. I tasted it and I couldn't breathe because it was so nice. I stuffed it in my mouth. When I finished my meal I got dressed and my cousin walked me down to church.

When I arrived there they were doing an activity.What you had to do is you would be given a paper, there were some questions on it and you had to fill it in. Then you could go around and ask people if they can do it or if they have done it. For example; if someone has been on a aeroplane for the past 12 months, you write their name next to to the question and keep on doing the same thing until you finish. After that you have to make sure you ask that person instead of being lazy and just writing their name.
So then we sang songs and did our offering and went to class. When we got there we started off by saying our name and one of the highlights from our talent quest. You would know if you check out our blog. Just type in talo o Tamaki then click on Tamaki PIPC Sunday school. We did this because there was a new student joining our class. So then when we finished we did a lesson on Jesus and the good Samaritan. When we finished we had to pick something from our prize that we won We got 1st place. Our one was the thriller remix, so we did a mix of the parable of the 10 young girls and our wedding dance was thriller by Micheal Jackson.

So after that I went home with my sister and her5 friends Leah,Fou,Christine, Mitita and Alison.So when we got their we watched a little bit of TV.Then we became a little bit hungry so my mum suggest that we should walk down to Great Tong and eat their.So my mum offered money to us and so we walked down to Great Tong but we went the other way. So first we went to the chemist.Then we went to this store and bought ourselves some sprite and bubble gum.Then we walked down to Great Tong and ordered the $12 special and ate our yummy oily meal it was Delicious!So when we finished eating we went to MC Donald and bought ourselves 6 soft serves but Alison got 2 because mitita was full and didn't want any. She was lucky I said in my mind. So after that we crossed the road. When I ran my Ice cream fell but I wasn't the only one that had that happened to. The same thing happened to Alison but she had an extra cone.

So then we had church and after church I came back home and went to sleep.I had a Fun day! Do agree with me?

Tamaki P.I.P.C 29th Anniversary

On Saturday it was Tamaki's P.I.P.C. 29Th Anniversary.Together with that we had 2 up coming events which was Tamaki's got talent and our formal ball. It started at 6;00pm and went to 12;00 and it was held in our hall. I got dropped off to church and I saw heaps of black and yellow balloons tied onto our fence.When I went inside I saw all these girls dressed really nicely and some boys in their tuxedos. In the hall on the stage there was a sign that said Tamaki's got Talent and also yellow and black balloons,that stuck on the wall on top of white, long and wide paper.There were also tables out with balloons on it and a screen with the projector. It said happy 29th Anniversary on it. It was nicely decorated.

Then more people arrived and sat down on a table but people who came late some young gentlemen escorted them to a seat that was free. So then a woman named Rasalama went to the microphone and welcomed us all in the name of Jesus Christ and said a few words. After that there was a song playing and all the adults had to stand up with their partners and went in a circle and walked around showing their ball gowns.There was only 1 couple that I liked because of their dress,that was this girls mum and dad. Her name is Sia. Her mum's dress was red and had many hearts all over her dress also with a hat. It is very hard to describe what she was wearing. Her dad looked like a sheriff to me and had a black suit,with a badge also with these black cowboy shoes.

Next was the children's turn they did the same thing, I didn't really know who was my favourite but I'll tell you at the end if I remember, but any ways it was so cool. The song that they were playing was Jason Miraz, "I'm Yours". But I just finished having morning tea at my school and I just remember that I liked another 2 boys suits because they had hot pink for their ties, black suits and a black hat with it. I also liked this other boy's costume he had this mask on.sela pameka

So then we sat down and the talent quest began. First up was our kindy department. It was funny some didn't know how to dance and some did, so I was laughing.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Holiday on Monday

On Monday at Pt england we had teachers only day.So we had a extra day off.In the morning I woke up brush my teeth and made breakfast for me and my brother while my sister went to school, my mum went to work and so did my dad.For breakfast I made picklets I got all the ingrediants and put them in the bowl and mixed them together.

Then I went to wake up my brother so that he can put the mixture in the frypan.At home we were having so much fun making the picklets I was fliping them and my brother was puting them in and they were big,nice looking picklets.All together we made four I hade 3 with maple syrup and my brother had 1 with maple syrup and some noodles.

Next we had to tidy up the house and vacum it to.So while I was doing all the hard work my brother wasn't doing anything except going on the computer at home and playing the piano.So I tidy up my sister room and vacumed it,I also did my parents room and vacum it.Plus I had to tidy the sitting room and the kitchen by myself with no help.Then finally he folded the washing that was dry.When we finished we played hockey in the living room.

So then we got ready and then we satrted to play hockey with my brothers cruches and used a wax lid and played.We played this because my brother was jealous of me because I would always win and he would lose.So then I said first one up to 10 would win and guess what I won by 10 because last one het's it in would get a bonus point which was 10.

So then my brother rang my auntie and ask if we could could come over and visit my baby cousin,she said yes.So while we were waiting we watched a little bit of some TV,we watched that so raven,then we turned it off and went outside to wait for my uncle to come.When we walked outside it was raining but luckily my auncle came just in time.

After that we went to my auntie's house,when we arrived my auncle wanted to hold my baby cousin [Austin] but my auntie was hogging him so she said no.When I got their I
was holding him when my auntie finished hogging him.So I ate my cookie and watched TV.

Then my auncle called me and asked if I wanted to watch my baby cousin have a shower.He really likes it when he's in the bath,but he hates it when he has to wash his hair you can tell because he starts to cry and moves his legs and arms around.When he finished having a shower he got changed.Then my mum arrived and I had to go home.What a day I had!