Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kapa Haka

In most schools they have a Kapa Haka group that performs in front of many live audiences. Our Kapa Haka group is very talented and is very good for beginners. Their first performance started last Friday, I could tell some were timid but they took time and started to open up.

Seeing them walk on the stage with the really cool costumes and creative hair styles, was great to see. I really thought that they stood out as a group and looked like professionals.
During the middle part of their song they started to sing louder and became more confident. Some faces looked happy and some still new to it. I reckon they did really good and started to feel like they wanted to do this again.

Hopefully they will enter a competition and win, because we will be there to support them. But I enjoyed this performance and rate it 9 out of 10, but still think they can reach 10/10.

They were given an opportunity to be able to perform at the Auckland Museum last,last Sunday. Because room 14 at our school won an award for the best stortelling and gave them a chance to perform.

Mt Eden Animation

This term we had to create a Auckland volcanic animation, this was due today. I had fun drawing the stacks and making it detailed. I think I did well with my graphics and that I know more about Mt Eden then before. It was great to see that I was able to finish it on time.
Take a look at my movie!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Playing Rugy Against Bader

Walking excitedly to school, I felt hyped up and wanting to play rugby already. I meet my friends at the front of the gate they were talking about what Bader were going to be like, scary or the opposite. Starting school I was so eager to play.

It was time to go, we rushed with our gear to the library and got changed into our rugby uniforms ready for action. Our kickoff started at 12 o'clock straight after morning tea. Getting warmed up on the field and practicing, there were a group of rugby teams heading towards the field, it was Bader Intermediate.

Both teams were here including the boys team because they were playing straight after us at 1 o'clock. Mr Jacobsen (our referee) called them onto the field. Some of us were feeling afraid and some were confident. Our captain Sela, lead us onto the field and the starting whistle blew.

Sela kicked the ball and two of our players chased it, some stayed for backup. The opposition had the ball and ran with Sela eyeing them up and tackling them every minute. There were some good tacklers and some really fast runners.

Sadly our team lost but we still had pride in ourselves. We had fun playing against them, and talking while the boys were playing. They were a good team and supportive towards our players, we had a fair match. Finishing our game we did a little curtain for the boys.

Lastly we had a team photo. Cheese!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our netball Game

Our Year 7 Aces Netball Team had a very tough game last week. We played down at Morrin Road and played against Royal Oak . They were a very good team at defence and nearly managed to catch up to us, some how we were better in the last round and got in most of our shots.

Because we were in our flash new uniforms we just had to win, plus this game was a grading game. We were one of the teams in our top grade. We did really well and had some great defence in some parts. We had a good game and hope to improve next week. Our player of the day was Me. Yay!

My favourite part was when our team received a lollie pop from Bobbi-Grace's nana. At the end Mrs Nua forgot to give our score sheet to the office so I ran in the rain and gave it to the receptionist.

Masquerade Ball

I'm so excited! I got the chills as I walked down the red carpet out on the main doors of our hall. On Saturday the 22nd of May we had our masquerade ball held at our church. I walked on the red carpet feeling like I was actually on a real live TV show on the celebrity carpet, with Mrs Tele'a filming me and my friend walking down the aisle.

The reason why we had this was because that day was our 30th Anniversary of our church, starting from the time it was built. Each year we would celebrate, with the teachers discussing every year what theme we would have. I really found this theme interesting and fun.

I was so eager to look and see what others dressed up like and the cool masks they were wearing. Walking in the hall, I saw really cool decorations. There were tables with pretty lights in it, lanterns hanging from the ceiling and some poster's on the wall to make it much better to stare at. Because it wasn't as packed yet, we waited a little while longer for more people to arrive so that we could start.

We had many prizes to give out and a black pearl to be won. This fine pearl flew in from the cook Island and their was a draw to be won. I had a great time looking at the performances like the dances and singing. Some of it were so funny and unexpectedly surprise you. But it was such a enjoyable night we had.

On the night my favourite best dressed was worn by Ata, with her lovely white ball gown slash wedding dress. It's really hard to describe it. That night I was wearing a black dress, with a white short cardigan, a grey mask and heaps of jewellery.

This is a memory never to be forgotten and it was a great 30th Anniversary celebration.