Monday, November 23, 2009

Father's Day

Yeah oh Yeah! After church we went over to my Auntie's house and had a celebration and a BBQ. I was so excited because my cute, chubby, long eye lashes baby cousin Austin came over. I was extremely excited that I started to shake.
We got there and had a big feast. The food looked so yummy and soy saucy. I just wanted to eat all of it myself. We said the prayer and digged in. I had 2 pieces of chicken wings,1 sausage,some potato and steak. My mouth was so watery.
When I finished eating I went to go sit down and watch TV and in the window I saw there car coming. I jumped out of the chair and ran outside to go and see him. He was sleeping but he looked so cute. Lily gave my uncle a lollie necklace and gave a present for the whole family. It was a photo frame of Austin it had 5 pictures of him. We all looked at it and went ohhh. Finally he woke up we all had a turn holding him. He was so talkative and always had facials. After that we had delicious custard pie made by my auntie. Then we were finished and went to watch wipe out Australia. It was hilarious. We watched it for a while but then my dad came so we had to go home. We arrived there and had a nice sleep. Hoped you enjoyed your Father's day.