Monday, March 23, 2009

Camp Aratika

Whoopee! I am so excited.Already it's camp on Wednesday 18Th of March.On the first day of camp we had camp cooking.Mm as I could smell some delicious food that we were going to cook at camp,I could also feel the fire coming towards me.Plus I could see smoke going towards me and when I reached there it was right in my direction where I was about to walk.

Then we sat on the log and Whaiawawen told us how to cook damper if you don't know what damper is, well it's got doe mixed with water then raisin and flour to keep it dry.

So then we went to go and get a bamboo stick and our damper.when you've done that you roll the damper and make it into a sausage and then wrap it around your stick,then and make sure it's stickied on probably.Then you find a spot and sit down next to the fire and hold it on top until it's golden brown,then check if it's ready then you can eat it.Yummy!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Softball Tournament

Wow for two days our softball team have been training for our tournament. Yesterday in the afternoon at 3;30pm our school went to Dunkirk to play softball against other teams. When it was time to go we had to meet in the hall get our red our T-shirt on and wear any black Short's or just our normal ones. Then we sort out who was going in raven's mum's car he choose five people to go with him it was himself,charm,Cruz,Daniel and beni then toko picked five people as well and I walked with my friend Destiney and other year five and sixes plus miss King.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Being Put In Extension

Wow! As I heard yesterday in the afternoon at 2;05pm at school from Mrs Lagitupu that Paulitia,me and moses were in the Extension group. I was so happy for me paulitia and moses that we were going to be in Extension group. But that means to do my best and work hard in school.

I feel a little nervous because it's my first day tomorrow which is today.Hopefully I do well and try not to get distracted and concentrate on my work.I am a little excited because I thought that I wouldn't make it in the group but actually I did.
When I told my mum about the news she was so happy for me and said that I need to read heaps of books and understand what the word's means.She is also going to ask me questions about the book,check up on me and see if I know what the book is about.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


First we marked the roll then we went to the hall to see if we had everything we needed like parent helpers,hats and lunch.

When we finished we walked together as a school down to our reserve. Mr Burt lead the way to the reserve and Rooms 17 and 18 were behind him. I could also hear some boys singing. It was Beni, Kalim, Sam and Trey. People were running trying to catch up and people were chatting to their next door neighbours. Finally we reached their we sat down and listened to Mr Burt tell us the instructions.

Then we set of to find a space to put all of stuff.We found a nice place in the shade.We sat down and me and my friends started to eat dunkin donuts.It was DELICIOUS!

When we finished we had a rest then went to go and play. First we played handstands then soccer then cricket and heaps more.I was so hot that I needed a drink then I went back and kept on playing I was so tired.

Then I heard that there was going to be kareoke.So I looked over and saw some people singing it was so cool and some people were shy like me and my friends to go up and sing,so we just carried on playing soccer with each other.

Then we all had to go back to our classes line up, make sure the reserve was tidy and meet up.We all sat together and prayed for this wonderful day we had and that it didn't rain and got cancelled.What a fun day we had and off we went back to school and went home with our families.