Monday, December 14, 2009

Pt England School Presenter's Team 2009

Our school is pretty famous here because we have technology that some schools don't even have. Plus we do podcasts, PENN and way more cool things that people don't even know what it is.
This year we've had a group of kids who present to hundreds and thousands of people from all around the world. Our job is to show the visitors what we do at our school and things that help us to learn and get better at literacy. We present to many people from all over the world like the world famous actor Will Smith - seriously, who would ever get to talk to Will Smit? I think that our team of presenter's are very special and talented kids.
This movie is my part of the presentation.....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last Night Of The Production

"Sela I need to go to the toliet", I whispered. I was so anxious and shy to get out there. My heart felt like it was swinging forward and back. I was shaking like a vibrating chair. We were waiting for our que outside the music room where I was sweating. I heard the sound of the shop keeper closing the toy shop on Zip Zap Avenue. I was so filled with joy that I started to become hyper active like on Alvin and the chipmunks when they drank coffee. "What's that I hear?" I said to myself. "It's showtime" yelled Jordan P and Sione. That was our que to come in and sing our main song.

I felt a little ashamed seeing my parents on the side. I went jumping with excitement hoping my parents wouldn't embarrass me. Then we finished the last part of the song. The lights were so bright that I looked down. We rushed back to the music room through the dark corridors and back into the normal light. I quickly got ready for the transformers performance which was the second act but the first dance. At that moment I started to get major butterflies and felt so thrilled because that dance was the best robot dance that we've ever done before.

We were in our positions backstage on the right wing while the pied piper and his rats were playing the flute. It was great because in the back round there were singers singing a song called 'follow me' by Mr Music J (the tall one). Jordan P said, "We've forgot to open up the transformer box". This was our que to transform. Our dance was funky. There were 2 main transformers Bobbi-Grace and Jacob A.K.A Optimu Prime and Bumble Bee.

We got to our last part the finale. We stand up in our groups and bow down. The last but not least the thank you. We gave flowers to all the helpers that did the dancers, design costumes, setup the stage and did all the technical things. Also to our parents for supporting us in this event our school production 2009.

                                          THE TOY SHOP ON ZIP ZAP AVENUE!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Father's Day

Yeah oh Yeah! After church we went over to my Auntie's house and had a celebration and a BBQ. I was so excited because my cute, chubby, long eye lashes baby cousin Austin came over. I was extremely excited that I started to shake.
We got there and had a big feast. The food looked so yummy and soy saucy. I just wanted to eat all of it myself. We said the prayer and digged in. I had 2 pieces of chicken wings,1 sausage,some potato and steak. My mouth was so watery.
When I finished eating I went to go sit down and watch TV and in the window I saw there car coming. I jumped out of the chair and ran outside to go and see him. He was sleeping but he looked so cute. Lily gave my uncle a lollie necklace and gave a present for the whole family. It was a photo frame of Austin it had 5 pictures of him. We all looked at it and went ohhh. Finally he woke up we all had a turn holding him. He was so talkative and always had facials. After that we had delicious custard pie made by my auntie. Then we were finished and went to watch wipe out Australia. It was hilarious. We watched it for a while but then my dad came so we had to go home. We arrived there and had a nice sleep. Hoped you enjoyed your Father's day.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Three Tiny Pigs

This Term we have been making animations about a fairy tale. It was based on our topic Art in story telling. Our teacher came up with a wicked idea. She said what if we can add a twist so we did. We called it twisted fairy tale[T.F.T]. So I am going to explain to you what our movie is about. There were three cute tiny pigs playing on the playground. One of them decided to build his own house because he always have to share with the twins. So the twins became jealous and thought they could do better.

So they each went off building there own houses. Buk the eldest made his house out of chocolate, crush made his house out of colourful candy and eddy made his house out of rock cake. Along came little green candy she was hungry and just loved candy. So she gobbed up Buk's house .Then she saw a long drive way she went through it and she saw the candy house. She thought to herself I'm still not full so she ate it all up. She carried on her journey to her grandmothers house. On the way she saw Eddy's rock house she took a bite and her teeth started to fall out one by one. She grabbed her basket and went off.

Then the 3 little pigs came back and saw that all their houses had disappeared except for Eddie's house. Eddie looked at his house carefully and saw a green strip that came from a type of clothing and a tooth. So they went in his house and scanned it. The paper came out and it said little green candy hood. So they searched for little green candy hood. The End

An Amazing Outing

Hooray! I've been waiting for this since last last week. I invited my friends [Kezia and Destiney] to come with me to an outing which is to go bowling,burger king,YMCA and the park at Salima talangi . I was over excited and got ready straight away at 10;00 . So I walked over to the sitting room to watch some TV until they came. It was about 10;50 and I saw some one come in it was Destiney I quietly screamed in my mind and just wanted to leave,not without kezia of course. We started eating some chippy's and heard the phone ring it was Kezia she rang just in time for us to go and pick her up . So we walked to her house and came back so that we can all go with my mum and sister.

My uncle arrived and dropped us off to panmure. We put all our stuff away and ran down to ten pin bowling. What was funny was that instead of playing ten pin bowling we spent all our time and money playing one and two dollar games. Like air hockey, shoots, this game where the light spins around then you try and hit the button on the spinner zone then you hit it again and if you get it you get 500 tickets. Last of all a game where you move the crane pick up a chocolate and chuck it on this plat form then this thing will push the chocolate and the chocolate will fall and you get it and eat it. It was amazing we had 40 chocolate.

After that we went down to burger king and had a feed. we had the 3 for five dollar meal and also sticked on our cool freddo tattoo on our hands that we won from the machine. We all got the same meals sundaes,cheese burger and a drink. It was so cool we were talking and laughing at the same time. Once we finished we walked down to my mum's work and started painting and drawing our names then we would decorate it. After that we went outside and played shoots and tiggy. Then we came back inside and wanted to play hide a seek. Destiney counted and me Kezia hid. It was so hard for hear to look for us she took about 10 minutes. Then she finally saw us we got ready to catch the train.

Off we go we walked over to the train station next to KFC. When we were there we started to race down the stairs and play tiggy. Then I heard this sound it was the train we ran over in case we miss it. We trained down to Glenn Innes and walked to YMCA pools. The weather was sizzling I couldn't wait to touch that cold pool. Finally we put our stuff in the changing room and power walked to the cold pool. Ahhh that's better. My friends and I played freeze,tiggy,this race game and played this game when you have to go under their legs. We stayed in the pool for 2 hours. Then we got changed and walked back to our houses. What a spectacular day that was!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grade 9 and 10 family service

It was a nice sunny morning when I remembered that 6Th of September was Father's day. I helped my mum setup breakfast for dad. He had delicious eggs,chewy bacon,burnt toast and tea his favourite hot beverage to top it off. We also helped him to get ready for work and kissed good by.We also needed to get ready for church. Once we were ready we went to church and saw that it was full and packed. It was like every one finished work and was trying to get home but they were stuck in traffic. Finally I searched for a seat and found one next to a girl. Luckily I just came just in time when they were getting ready for there play.

At the start there was a song above this scene where it was morning a girl by the name of Josy woke up and got ready for Sunday school.She went in the car with her family when they were listening to music. She went high and sounded off. Her family were telling her that she couldn't sing. So they arrived at church at went off to Sunday school. It was nice because there teacher sang to them saying words and they replied back by doing the same.

My favourite part was when they did a show called name that talent. It was when this girl named Valu her and her 2 friends were acting out a part in high school musical when they were holding auditions for the song it's hard to believe. The girl was saying it's hard to believe and the boy copied her and doing actions to. There was also another one I liked it was when my brother and his two other friends were doing a ballerina act where they spun around and how one person had to catch the person running and hold them in the air. Every one cracked up and laughed loud. The next part was when Josy was singing when no one was around but a boy came and heard her sing. He told her to take his part because he was in an accident. She was afraid to but she managed to do it . So her parents came and saw her and thought Oh no she can't sing,so when they were about to leave they heard her voice and thought it sounded beautiful.

So the moral of the story was if you have a talent don't hide it show it. Some people might not realize your good until they hear or see you do it. When you grow up you might be given an opportunity to show your talent,people might even think your good. Don't be shy be confident. Show your true feelings and don't keep it inside. To be continued

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Late Birthday wordle post

Today in extension I went on one of my blog post that had a long story. So that I could put it on wordle and design it. I picked my late birthday because it had a long piece of writing. It was so awesome getting to do things like this on the computer and I like to go on it all the time. I looked at it and the word that stood out the most was went it was huge anyways I hope you like my wordle and how I designed it. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My blog wordle

In the afternoon at extension Mrs Burt showed us how to use this website called wordle. Wordle is a website that has all the words that you use in a blog. So it shows the words that you use the most,or words that you use. She showed us many different colours and fonts you can use. I was sad because there was so many of them that I liked and it was so hard for me to pick the one that stood out. So I asked my friends that were next to me and they made it very easy to pick. So I finally picked one. I hoped you like it, click on the URL and create your own wordle.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Meeting world famous Hamish Campbell

Earthquake! It was a fine morning at 9 am when our smart extension group got to talk to Hamish Campbell a Geologist and his partner Dianna [she works at Te Papa museum]. Mr Burt and a few other kids help to set up a video conference with him also he taught Mrs Tele'a to work the buttons on the remote.Here is picture of us in Tusitala.

 We got to ask him questions about the earthquake that happened in Fiordland. Fiordland is at the bottom of the South island. Some earthquakes are so fast that you cant even feel them. That's how fast they are. Isn't that wicked. 

 We all met at Tusitala [a new room that has just been built]. We had some technical difficulty but got every thing under way. We saw Dianna and Hamish Campbell . Hamish told us some very interesting facts about the earthquake. Did you know that it is the biggest earthquake that has happened in 80 years. He said that when he went to dinner he felt the earthquake,it lasted for 15 seconds. He also said some bad news. The sad news was that Joan Wiffen a famous paleontologist died at the age of 87. Did you know that she was the first ever paleontologist in New Zealand to find a fossil isn't that amazing. But he said that he went to her funeral to represent Te Papa. What a nice man.

 He taught us many things that some of it I didn't understand, but he made it so easy for us to know what it means.He explained how the earthquake happen but he said it lasted for 30 seconds. Plus he also told us about an earthquake that happened in Tangshan in 1976. It destroyed and killed 242,000 people and heaps were badly injured. He also told us that they named an Earthquake and it was called A Dusky sound.

 Then he told us about the 2 plates. The Australian and the pacific plate. The Australian plate is the one on top and the pacific plate is under.It also reverse so it was the opposite and the other way around. If you put your right hand and just slightly slide it underneath your left hand that's how it is.

 I just want to say thank you to Dianna Grace and Hamish for wanting to conference with us and using their time to talk to us about the earthquake. I have learnt heaps and I know that one day someone will ask about the earthquake and I will say that we had a conference with him in August the 5Th. I appreciate all the facts that you have taught us and hopefully we will get to see you again.

Here's a link to Joan Wiffen

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Art in Storytelling

Have you seen my princess my one and only true love said Mr Burt.We danced last night at the ball, we said no and so did the parents.He walked down the ile with a green type of clothing on that men wear at their ball.I was saying in my mind what a funny start to the term.We started of with the korero Mr Burt said if you get this korero you get two stickers.Go! April from room 17 was the first hand up.She got it right it was keep it real and keep trying.Altogether she got 3 stickers 1 for sitting up and 2 for getting the korero right.

First up was team 1 they had different teachers coming up and letting the children having a try at guessing what they dressed as. Mrs Jarmen was up first she was acting as chicken little with a acorn on her head. Next was Miss Barks she was Goldilocks,you can tell because she had porridge and gave it out to children. Their were 4 people that got it they were so lucky. So then it was Mrs loal turn she was dressed as a princess that had to kiss a frog . Then it was Mrs Jarmen's turn she was dressed as chicken little with a hat that had brown leaves on it. After that it was Ms Wild turn she was little red riding hood,she had a red coat with a basket of goodies.To be continued

Friday, June 26, 2009

Trip to the Museum

On Wednesday June 24th the Year 6 extension group went with the Year 5 children. We went to Auckland War Memorial Museum . We joined with Rooms 14, 15 and 16. In my group was Kezia, Paulitia, Moses and Blessing. Our parent helper was Paulitia's older brother Peleti.

We went with Room 15, marked the roll, then we got into groups of 5 or 6. After that we all met in the hall and made sure we had everything we needed. So we left class by class and walked on the bus to find ourselves a seat. We travelled slowly on the bus and had a bumpy ride.

When we arrived we turned with a bump and the bendy bus looked like it was going to separate. We got off the bus and went into the museum. At first it looked very cool and different from when I last saw it. So we walked to the entrance and when I looked around it felt like it was a whole new place. We sat down and all got together and put away our bags in something that was like a cage, like a huge locker. After we got all of it under way we walked on the red carpet. I felt like I was a celebrity so I was pretending I was one! I was also imagining that there were paparazzi taking my photos.

We walked in and saw some neat chairs that I've never seen before. But one of them was like a chair you can get from Harvey Normans called a Lazy Boy. But any way, when we went past all these amazing artifacts we arrived at this lab which had a movie playing and also on the right side there was a path. When you walked on it it will lead you to a glass and underneath it was an underwater world.We went around looking at different stuff.

Finally went exploring the Museum until it was home time. Me and Kezia were pretending that we were spies.Finally it was over so we went back to school and had our lunch. We also had extra free time and then we had to go back to class when it was finished. What a day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

My late birthday

On Saturday the 13Th of June I woke tried to find my mum because I thought she made us breakfast but she didn't.So I was thinking maybe I should make my home made pickletes so I did. I told my brother that I'll get him when I am up to the stage of putting the mixture in the fry pan.I got all the ingredients out and all the equipment I needed.
Then it was time to cook the picket. I put in all the ingredients and combined it together. Then I started to get the fork or whisk but I don't have one and stirred all the ingredients and kept doing for a little bit more until it was nice and smooth.Then my mum came she put in some water and it was silky and tender. I turned it on and put in the oil in the fry pan. Then I waited a little while for it to heat up then I put the mixture in and and it was so skinny but had a nice brown tan. I could see bubbles so I flipped it,it was golden brown and flat.I kept doing it until I could see that the mixture was nearly finished. Then when I finished I put nutella and 1 piece of banana on the top.It was yummy and fabulous.
After I had to peel the potato for the salad because at my auntie's house we were going to have and Barbecue.So I was thinking of inviting my friends over.So I had to ask my mum and she said yes and I was so happy.I went to ring them,first I rang Kezia if she could come and she said yes and then I rang Sela and she said yes to.So then I got ready and so did my sister because she was our guardian.When we got all the things we needed we went straight to pick up Sela.When we arrived their I went in and Sela gave me a gift and flowers how nice I said.Then off we went to pick up Kezia. I went in and I got Kezia and went to pak'n save to buy some snacks .When we finished we went straight to 10 pin bowling.It was just me and my 2 friends who were bowling.

We put on our shoes and started to bowl.All together we had 10 games and 20 turns how awesome that is.When I was up first bowling,I would always hear my sister moan. She told me to let the ball drop gently cause I would always make this banging sound on the ground.The first round I got 17.It was Sela's turn she got 15 and Kezia got 16. Sela will always make me laugh because she kept laughing for no reason and you shouldn't of seen her face,it was going pink like she couldn't breath.kezia was amazing in the 3rd round she nearly got all of them but she missed two.It was tricky for her cause it was a split,she could either get the right or left.So then it was sela's turn did you know she got 2 strikes in a row amazing ha! Kezia was in the lead but then it was onto our last round the score went like this because sela got the most balls down she won by 102 whooh.

It was a good game and a excellent time we had together.So then we looked for the car it was parking right near the entrance.So we ran and hoped in the car.So our next stop was YMCA pools.When we got their we went to pay but we were off buy 50 cent. Luckily the lady was kind and still let us go.Then we went to go and get changed.when we finished me and Kezia went in the pool it was so warm but it wasn't cold as usual.Then Sela came in and we were swimming and splashing the water at each other.Then we were playing tiggy and Kezia always got to be in.After that we went in the other pool and it was hotter.We were having races and playing hand stands in the water it was so cool.Finally we finished and went out to get changed.

We walked and went in the car and had some shrew berry biscuit you know the one with the jelly inside and has different shapes like heart,star and circle.After that we arrived at my auntie's house.My friends and I went in and had some BBQ.It was delicious and tasty.I had enjoy my delightful meal and finished eating.Then We went on the mat and played a game of marbles,playing me,my brother,Sela and Kezia.It was funny but hard.It was hard because Eti would always win but finally for a change Sela won.Then my mum and my sister played so we played randomly.Then my auntie called to come and eat some pie[custard pie with cream on top].So we finished our meal had a 20 minute break and watched a movie.

Then it was time to drop off my friends ooh!We went in the car and dropped of Kezia first and then Sela.We said good bye to them and went home.When we reached home we got ready and had to go to my auncle's birthday.I had the best late birthday ever spending time with my family and friends.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Last day for Mrs Langitupu

Today on Friday week 6 on June the 5Th,it was our teacher Mrs Langitupu last day.All of us were very sad and felt like crying.So then in the morning me and Sam[semiliu] wrote a little letter to Mrs Langitupu but I had patrols.So lucky Sela came because she wrote it for me and we would say it in assembly.I would like to say thank you to Sela for helping me with it.So when we were finished we heard the bell ring and went to wait in line for Mrs Langitupu to come.Then after that we walked down into the hall and sat down and waited for assembly to start.So then the last classes came and assembly started.

At assembly we did the korero,their were about 6 I think. So we finished and it was time to hand out the certificates.When we were listening to all the names being called out.I heard Mr Burt say room 18 for being the best class in the planet so all of us stand up and then everyone gave around of applause when it finished.I was thinking in my mind that she was the best teacher because of what she did.After that me and Sam said a few words on behalf of our school and our class.Then we sang a song for her and played a video filmed by Cruz.It was so cool but sad.I really wanted to cry but I didn't want anybody to see me.Then we hugged her and gave some gifts.That was the best assembly for me.After that we did bin it awards and lunch box heroes.We also did a song with Mr Jacobson[the tall one].Then we went to class and did our work on dinosaurs I enjoyed it.It was the Meglosaurus.

Then we heard the beep for news we tidy up and had our fruit. Then the bell rang for morning tea.When we had morning tea we sat down and ate our lunch and went straight off to play.When I was playing I saw in the staff room all these teachers dressed up.So I asked one of the teachers what's going she replied that their dressed as twins you get it cause Mrs Langitupu is having twins.

After morning tea was finished we had CRE that stands for Christian,religious,education.Mrs Clarke runs it.It was so cool because we were learning about Moses.So Mrs Clarke showed us a video of the prince of Egypt.It was fun because when we finished watching a bit of it Mrs Clarke said that Moses agree with the Pharaoh to let the people go. He said yes but the Pharaoh thought he was lying so he didn't God was going to send down frogs from the sky and so she chucked out some chocolate freddos.Then she said that god sent some fly and she got a spray and sprayed it around the hall.Then she also said the big cubes of ice will fall from the sky.So she chucked out some Popsicle it was the flavour lemonade my favourite.

Then I noticed that our teacher was gone.when we went into class their was a table set up with food.It was a shared lunch and we were going to have one.We were listening to music,eating and drinking.We also had Donkun Donuts and hot chips too.It was all delicious and fatty food.I was enjoying it and having a great time with my friends and class mates.I was thinking I should eat some fruit and vegetables after all of this and also miss out on dinner.In the morning I'll go for a jog so I can burn all the weight I gained after eating all that food.Then we still had a little bit of time to play so I went out with my balloon and played a sword game with Beni and Kalim.Then I went to play with kezia and Paulitia.

After that we had Extension we were stuyding about paleontologist.If you don't know what that is it is a scientist that studies fossils and animals.We all picked one paleontologist and studied him.My one was Jack Honer.We got given a sheet and we had to fill it out.Then the school bell rang and we all went home. I was thinking what will it be like with out Mrs Langitupu.Anyways I will miss her now it's time to go and cry. Thanks to , , and for letting me use all these photos to put on my blog.

Monday, May 25, 2009

PMI [Positive Minus Interesting]

On Monday in extension we got into 4 groups of 3 or 4 people.Then we got a big piece of paper and had to write down PMI which stands for Positive,Minus,Interesting,as you can see written on top.With that we got given a subject and we had to write down things that were we liked,things that we didn't like and things that were interesting for us.So in my group it was Sela,Paulitia,Bobbi grace and me.Me and Sela were writing and paulitia and Bobbi grace were coming up with ideas and so did we.

On positive we wrote pork bones are tasty,Flickr[Mihi],special VC[video conference,Row celebration,garage band and last of all keynote doing what food we ate in 1 a day.That is what our group thought I agree with all of them and the most that I like was how we woke up at 5am for our VC with America.It was so cool because they were asking as questions and we answered back.We also sang a song called Nga waka and Mrs Telea was playing the guitar.

Next was Minus things that we didn't like and needed to be fixed.On it was how we didn't get to VC with peru.I agree with that to and that is what I thought.

Last of all was Interesting something we really liked the most.What I liked the most was how we learnt different things like getting to go on google earth and having to find our restaraunt,the capital city and a restaraunt in the capital city. I know is sounds like a hard work it will at first but you'll get the hang of it.So then we had to read out what we have got so far. We got our bags and went just in time for the home bell to ring.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My fun day

On Sunday It was a great day for me except that I had 1 problem - I was exhausted because, you know how I had to go to our 29th anniversary at our church? Well, I went to sleep at 3:00 or 3:30 and woke up at 7:30 am so I only had 5 hours and 30 min of sleep. So then I woke up and went to watch TV. I waited for my sister and her friends Leah and Christine to wake up.

Someone knocked on the door and finally my sister woke up and told me to get the door. It was my auntie and my two cousins. So I sat down with my cousins and watched Wizard of Waverley Place.Then I heard my sister's friend wake up and they looked so tired. But then my Mum called out, "Time For Breakfast". I could smell the delicious food all the way from our sitting room to the kitchen so I raced and saw that she had made scrambled eggs, spaghetti and bread. I quickly got my food went to go and sit down so my food wouldn't be cold. I tasted it and I couldn't breathe because it was so nice. I stuffed it in my mouth. When I finished my meal I got dressed and my cousin walked me down to church.

When I arrived there they were doing an activity.What you had to do is you would be given a paper, there were some questions on it and you had to fill it in. Then you could go around and ask people if they can do it or if they have done it. For example; if someone has been on a aeroplane for the past 12 months, you write their name next to to the question and keep on doing the same thing until you finish. After that you have to make sure you ask that person instead of being lazy and just writing their name.
So then we sang songs and did our offering and went to class. When we got there we started off by saying our name and one of the highlights from our talent quest. You would know if you check out our blog. Just type in talo o Tamaki then click on Tamaki PIPC Sunday school. We did this because there was a new student joining our class. So then when we finished we did a lesson on Jesus and the good Samaritan. When we finished we had to pick something from our prize that we won We got 1st place. Our one was the thriller remix, so we did a mix of the parable of the 10 young girls and our wedding dance was thriller by Micheal Jackson.

So after that I went home with my sister and her5 friends Leah,Fou,Christine, Mitita and Alison.So when we got their we watched a little bit of TV.Then we became a little bit hungry so my mum suggest that we should walk down to Great Tong and eat their.So my mum offered money to us and so we walked down to Great Tong but we went the other way. So first we went to the chemist.Then we went to this store and bought ourselves some sprite and bubble gum.Then we walked down to Great Tong and ordered the $12 special and ate our yummy oily meal it was Delicious!So when we finished eating we went to MC Donald and bought ourselves 6 soft serves but Alison got 2 because mitita was full and didn't want any. She was lucky I said in my mind. So after that we crossed the road. When I ran my Ice cream fell but I wasn't the only one that had that happened to. The same thing happened to Alison but she had an extra cone.

So then we had church and after church I came back home and went to sleep.I had a Fun day! Do agree with me?

Tamaki P.I.P.C 29th Anniversary

On Saturday it was Tamaki's P.I.P.C. 29Th Anniversary.Together with that we had 2 up coming events which was Tamaki's got talent and our formal ball. It started at 6;00pm and went to 12;00 and it was held in our hall. I got dropped off to church and I saw heaps of black and yellow balloons tied onto our fence.When I went inside I saw all these girls dressed really nicely and some boys in their tuxedos. In the hall on the stage there was a sign that said Tamaki's got Talent and also yellow and black balloons,that stuck on the wall on top of white, long and wide paper.There were also tables out with balloons on it and a screen with the projector. It said happy 29th Anniversary on it. It was nicely decorated.

Then more people arrived and sat down on a table but people who came late some young gentlemen escorted them to a seat that was free. So then a woman named Rasalama went to the microphone and welcomed us all in the name of Jesus Christ and said a few words. After that there was a song playing and all the adults had to stand up with their partners and went in a circle and walked around showing their ball gowns.There was only 1 couple that I liked because of their dress,that was this girls mum and dad. Her name is Sia. Her mum's dress was red and had many hearts all over her dress also with a hat. It is very hard to describe what she was wearing. Her dad looked like a sheriff to me and had a black suit,with a badge also with these black cowboy shoes.

Next was the children's turn they did the same thing, I didn't really know who was my favourite but I'll tell you at the end if I remember, but any ways it was so cool. The song that they were playing was Jason Miraz, "I'm Yours". But I just finished having morning tea at my school and I just remember that I liked another 2 boys suits because they had hot pink for their ties, black suits and a black hat with it. I also liked this other boy's costume he had this mask on.sela pameka

So then we sat down and the talent quest began. First up was our kindy department. It was funny some didn't know how to dance and some did, so I was laughing.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Holiday on Monday

On Monday at Pt england we had teachers only day.So we had a extra day off.In the morning I woke up brush my teeth and made breakfast for me and my brother while my sister went to school, my mum went to work and so did my dad.For breakfast I made picklets I got all the ingrediants and put them in the bowl and mixed them together.

Then I went to wake up my brother so that he can put the mixture in the frypan.At home we were having so much fun making the picklets I was fliping them and my brother was puting them in and they were big,nice looking picklets.All together we made four I hade 3 with maple syrup and my brother had 1 with maple syrup and some noodles.

Next we had to tidy up the house and vacum it to.So while I was doing all the hard work my brother wasn't doing anything except going on the computer at home and playing the piano.So I tidy up my sister room and vacumed it,I also did my parents room and vacum it.Plus I had to tidy the sitting room and the kitchen by myself with no help.Then finally he folded the washing that was dry.When we finished we played hockey in the living room.

So then we got ready and then we satrted to play hockey with my brothers cruches and used a wax lid and played.We played this because my brother was jealous of me because I would always win and he would lose.So then I said first one up to 10 would win and guess what I won by 10 because last one het's it in would get a bonus point which was 10.

So then my brother rang my auntie and ask if we could could come over and visit my baby cousin,she said yes.So while we were waiting we watched a little bit of some TV,we watched that so raven,then we turned it off and went outside to wait for my uncle to come.When we walked outside it was raining but luckily my auncle came just in time.

After that we went to my auntie's house,when we arrived my auncle wanted to hold my baby cousin [Austin] but my auntie was hogging him so she said no.When I got their I
was holding him when my auntie finished hogging him.So I ate my cookie and watched TV.

Then my auncle called me and asked if I wanted to watch my baby cousin have a shower.He really likes it when he's in the bath,but he hates it when he has to wash his hair you can tell because he starts to cry and moves his legs and arms around.When he finished having a shower he got changed.Then my mum arrived and I had to go home.What a day I had!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Seeing my baby cousin

On Friday after that delicious Easter meal we had quite a lot of left overs. So we decided to wrap them up and give them to my Aunty Lily and Uncle Fa'alata who were newly made parents. My Aunty Lily gave birth to a beautiful baby boy called Austin one week before Easter Sunday.

We rang up and asked permission if it was alright with them that we could come over and see the baby guess what they said YES!. So we drove down to Mangere and got there at 7:36 pm. When we got out we could hear somebody coming,it was my uncle. I was so happy to see him again. We came in and saw the baby who was sleeping He looked so cute. We all had a turn to hold him. He was so light.

When he was awake my Uncle Fa'alata took him in his room and changed his nappy. He looked so long and so skinny, but then he started to become red and he started to cry. So then we thought that he could be hungry. So my Aunty Lilly was feeding him. By that time it was 8:30pm. I was feeling tired so we said good bye to Austin, my uncle Faalata and my aunty Lily. We all went home feeling tired. What a day.

Good Friday

On Good Friday we had a service at church.When we got dressed and got ready we left and arrived at church and had to sit with our family. Our service started at 10 o'clock am.Then it began. First thing we did was sing a song.Then we all sat down and listened to our minister.He was asking questions to us why this day is called good friday.I think it's because Jesus carried all our sins and died on the cross just to save our sins.It was sad and horrible for him but good for us. So while our minister was talking,there were also pictures matching what he was saying.So it made it more interesting.

When he finished he went to the stage where there was a table with drinks and bread.He got apiece of bread and said this is the body of christ break it in half.Then there were people that served us, once we have all got a piece of bread.Those people will come and it on the chair on the stage and the minister will hand out the bread to them.Then a person will get the bowl with bread amd give a piece to the minister.

When they're finished he says we shall eat in rememberence of me.Then he would do the same thing with the drink. He will say this is the covenant which is shown to you all drink it all of you in remembrance of me. Then we do a praise and worship.We sang a song called the old rugged cross.Then we ended it with a prayer.We all waited for the minister to go ,then we follow behind him.We shook his hand and left to go home.

Easter Sunday

On Sunday the 14th of April it was Easter, Easter Sunday. We had sunday school at church. It was fun because we were talking about Jesus and why this day is special. Well my answer to why this day is special, is because Jesus rose up. So we have Easter Sunday and Easter Monday because he got put into a tomb and in front of that tomb was a large stone oval like an Easter Egg. So then we had to write an acrostic poem and we had to write down easter egg along the side of our book.

Then our teacher told a parable of the 10 bridesmaids, 5 of them were wise and the other five were foolish. I think that Jesus was telling us keep awake therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour. So that means always be prepared because you do not know the day or the hour. When we finished we got given 7 strips of paper with main parts of the story and we had to put them all into order.Then we were finished we did a prayer and got a marshmellow easter egg at the end.We all left and went home.

When I went outside I saw my auntie,I gave her a button easter egg and she gave me a gummy worm easter egg.I was so happy some body gave me an easter egg but I just want one not to much.So me and my dad went to get some lunch which was subway and went home.After that my auntie rang and said we were going to have a feast at her house.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last day of the Term

Oh no! It's the last day of Term 1 on Thursday. It would have been on Friday but it's Good Friday on the following day. I am so depressed and angry. I don't want school to end for us. It was so fun going back to school and having a new class and a new teacher. I have enjoyed playing with my friends at morning tea and lunch. I have also liked learning new things and doing podcasting, blogging, presenting to visistors and doing jobs. I also loved Camp Aritika

I have done so much this year it has been so busy at our school. We have had TV 1 Close Up come to our school, a woman and a man from a magazine called Upstart come, visitors from all over the world from different schools and a man and his two partners come two see if our school is doing well and doing what we are suppose to do (ERO). He also interviewed some of the kids like the year 5 and 6 extension group and 3 year 4 kids. It was funny and cool. I was nervous at first but then I wasn't shy anymore. So our 5 presenters did our best and presented in front of these people. The presenters were me, Sela, Paulitia, Leoden, Tanielu and Cruz our technology person.

We have been working on our thank you letters for camp, to thank all of the parents and the teachers who helped out at camp. We also have been working on our mihi which we had to memorise off by heart. I know it all, and I have to do it in english and maori. I also have been working on my visual mihimihi and my holiday recount.

At the end of the term our presenters, including Cruz, went to Mrs Burt. She gave us one deluxe bunny; 3 were Cadbury and 3 were dark chocolate. I got Cadbury. I also got another Easter egg in class. It was a marshmellow one. I also got a Easter egg from my friend that had buttons inside but I gave it to my teacher. And last of all I got an Easter egg from my other teacher - a big marshmellow.

Then we had assembly, my principal was giving out Easter show tickets. Heaps of people won them and family tickets as well. Then we shouted out loud HAPPY HOLIDAY and went home. At the end I was hugging my friends and my teachers.

Already I was crying at home straight away and missing school.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Year 5 and 6 extension up date

Wow! that looks like a lot of work to finish off. In extension we had to do a recipe using rice, one using banana and then mashed potatoes. I did Cheddar cheese mashed potatoes, for my rice recipe I did milk and tiny rice recipe and chocolate banana cake. This is all part of our food pyramid.

Second we did R.O.W. Rock our World. That's when we did our recipe or appetizers. We also had to go and do garage band. We did it on drums and bass guitar. 

Today we had a meeting of how we feel about extension whether it's easy, comfortable or finding things difficult. I said I felt comfortable and that I rate myself 7 out of 10 because I looked things up that I don't really know what it means, so I could understand things better. So when I look it up it's easy for me to understand and find key words, to type in.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Extension group Aim

This term at Extension our task is to learn about food or appetizers.

First thing we did was make a survey of every one's favourite food. We had to make a survey because we needed to find out every ones favourite food. Then we put it together and made it into a food pyramid. Most of the unhealthy/healthy food,People voted fatty food or junk food to be their favourite food. Like confectionery,sugar and dessert. This is all part of R.O.W rock our world.We had to find different kinds of recipes using a food. Like this week we did it on mashed potatoes but we were suppose to do it on rice ,banana then potatoes. But we were behind so I did it together with the mashed potatoes.

Then Mrs Tele'a put us into 2 or 3 pairs. My partner was Paulitia. Then Mrs Tele'a told us to come up with a restaurant then find the location,the address,the capital city and a restaurant in the city.

Then we went on Google earth. It's like where you can find,information,where you live,your country and the restaurants.It's so cool and fun because when you type your place you can zoom up.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Camp Aratika

Whoopee! I am so excited.Already it's camp on Wednesday 18Th of March.On the first day of camp we had camp cooking.Mm as I could smell some delicious food that we were going to cook at camp,I could also feel the fire coming towards me.Plus I could see smoke going towards me and when I reached there it was right in my direction where I was about to walk.

Then we sat on the log and Whaiawawen told us how to cook damper if you don't know what damper is, well it's got doe mixed with water then raisin and flour to keep it dry.

So then we went to go and get a bamboo stick and our damper.when you've done that you roll the damper and make it into a sausage and then wrap it around your stick,then and make sure it's stickied on probably.Then you find a spot and sit down next to the fire and hold it on top until it's golden brown,then check if it's ready then you can eat it.Yummy!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Softball Tournament

Wow for two days our softball team have been training for our tournament. Yesterday in the afternoon at 3;30pm our school went to Dunkirk to play softball against other teams. When it was time to go we had to meet in the hall get our red our T-shirt on and wear any black Short's or just our normal ones. Then we sort out who was going in raven's mum's car he choose five people to go with him it was himself,charm,Cruz,Daniel and beni then toko picked five people as well and I walked with my friend Destiney and other year five and sixes plus miss King.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Being Put In Extension

Wow! As I heard yesterday in the afternoon at 2;05pm at school from Mrs Lagitupu that Paulitia,me and moses were in the Extension group. I was so happy for me paulitia and moses that we were going to be in Extension group. But that means to do my best and work hard in school.

I feel a little nervous because it's my first day tomorrow which is today.Hopefully I do well and try not to get distracted and concentrate on my work.I am a little excited because I thought that I wouldn't make it in the group but actually I did.
When I told my mum about the news she was so happy for me and said that I need to read heaps of books and understand what the word's means.She is also going to ask me questions about the book,check up on me and see if I know what the book is about.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


First we marked the roll then we went to the hall to see if we had everything we needed like parent helpers,hats and lunch.

When we finished we walked together as a school down to our reserve. Mr Burt lead the way to the reserve and Rooms 17 and 18 were behind him. I could also hear some boys singing. It was Beni, Kalim, Sam and Trey. People were running trying to catch up and people were chatting to their next door neighbours. Finally we reached their we sat down and listened to Mr Burt tell us the instructions.

Then we set of to find a space to put all of stuff.We found a nice place in the shade.We sat down and me and my friends started to eat dunkin donuts.It was DELICIOUS!

When we finished we had a rest then went to go and play. First we played handstands then soccer then cricket and heaps more.I was so hot that I needed a drink then I went back and kept on playing I was so tired.

Then I heard that there was going to be kareoke.So I looked over and saw some people singing it was so cool and some people were shy like me and my friends to go up and sing,so we just carried on playing soccer with each other.

Then we all had to go back to our classes line up, make sure the reserve was tidy and meet up.We all sat together and prayed for this wonderful day we had and that it didn't rain and got cancelled.What a fun day we had and off we went back to school and went home with our families.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Wow! as my sister looked at all the delicious food.In the holidays I went to Australia with my mum and my sister to visit my grandma.

We left on boxing day at 6;00 and arrived there at Australia at 9;00 pm.

It was so fancy because the plane that we went on was Emirates.Those were the planes with the screen on the back of the seat.

Plus when we had lift of and left New Zealand,the screen turned on and you could listen to music and even watch some movies.

Then we got served some food.I had chicken with mash potatoes,peas,carrots,juice with ice,cheese with crackers and dark chocolate.

Then we arrived at Australia.We had to walk a long way.Finally we got out.I saw my uncle.

It was a 40 minutes minute drive to get to their house.Then we got our luggage and went inside.I heard two dogs barking.They kept on following me around wherever I went.

I asked what their names were.It was luda and Georgy two Chihuahua's.They also have a two story house with 6 bedrooms,5 pets,2 bathrooms and a family pool.They also took us to the movies to watch Twilight.Then I went to sleep and got ready for the next day. thanks for this picture and to for this picture.Thanks to this picture and for the food picture as well.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Holiday in Australia

SPLASH! As my cousin stomped his little feet into the water. In Australia my cousin, my sister, my auntie and her son all went to Wet'n Wild. Its like a water theme park. It was 10:00 in the morning and 34 degrees Celsius. We travelled by a golden Holden. My body was hot like a burnt toast that had just came out of the toaster. When we got there I saw a line of family's waiting in the hot sun. It was so packed that the line was up to the car park. Then we quickly ran and the line moved faster. Then we were in and saw all these water slides. We were so excited.

But there was a problem. We couldn't find a spot to put all our stuff, but we did find a nice shade where the kids pool was. It was so beautiful and fun. When we went in the water it was so see through and shiny. Then when I touched it it was so cold. So I ran quickly into the pool and it was so shallow. Then I saw there was a big playground with all these slides.

I felt like I was a kid again with all these little slides and kids surrounding it. Then I was walking towards the slide but suddenly there was a pile of water that hit me. It felt so so

Then I went to this pool called the wave pool
. I could see all these numbers saying how deep or shallow the pool was like this 2.5 or 4.1. I went in and walked down to where I could see the water up to my shoulders. I heard music and I could hear people saying that the waves were coming. I looked in front and the water were turning into waves, it was so cool. The waves got closer and I was jumping up and down like I was jumping on a trampoline. I went further on and I could touch the ground on the deep end. Then it stopped and it went onto the normal water.

I had such an awesome time.
Thanks to for these two pictures.