Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grade 9 and 10 family service

It was a nice sunny morning when I remembered that 6Th of September was Father's day. I helped my mum setup breakfast for dad. He had delicious eggs,chewy bacon,burnt toast and tea his favourite hot beverage to top it off. We also helped him to get ready for work and kissed good by.We also needed to get ready for church. Once we were ready we went to church and saw that it was full and packed. It was like every one finished work and was trying to get home but they were stuck in traffic. Finally I searched for a seat and found one next to a girl. Luckily I just came just in time when they were getting ready for there play.

At the start there was a song above this scene where it was morning a girl by the name of Josy woke up and got ready for Sunday school.She went in the car with her family when they were listening to music. She went high and sounded off. Her family were telling her that she couldn't sing. So they arrived at church at went off to Sunday school. It was nice because there teacher sang to them saying words and they replied back by doing the same.

My favourite part was when they did a show called name that talent. It was when this girl named Valu her and her 2 friends were acting out a part in high school musical when they were holding auditions for the song it's hard to believe. The girl was saying it's hard to believe and the boy copied her and doing actions to. There was also another one I liked it was when my brother and his two other friends were doing a ballerina act where they spun around and how one person had to catch the person running and hold them in the air. Every one cracked up and laughed loud. The next part was when Josy was singing when no one was around but a boy came and heard her sing. He told her to take his part because he was in an accident. She was afraid to but she managed to do it . So her parents came and saw her and thought Oh no she can't sing,so when they were about to leave they heard her voice and thought it sounded beautiful.

So the moral of the story was if you have a talent don't hide it show it. Some people might not realize your good until they hear or see you do it. When you grow up you might be given an opportunity to show your talent,people might even think your good. Don't be shy be confident. Show your true feelings and don't keep it inside. To be continued

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Late Birthday wordle post

Today in extension I went on one of my blog post that had a long story. So that I could put it on wordle and design it. I picked my late birthday because it had a long piece of writing. It was so awesome getting to do things like this on the computer and I like to go on it all the time. I looked at it and the word that stood out the most was went it was huge anyways I hope you like my wordle and how I designed it. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My blog wordle

In the afternoon at extension Mrs Burt showed us how to use this website called wordle. Wordle is a website that has all the words that you use in a blog. So it shows the words that you use the most,or words that you use. She showed us many different colours and fonts you can use. I was sad because there was so many of them that I liked and it was so hard for me to pick the one that stood out. So I asked my friends that were next to me and they made it very easy to pick. So I finally picked one. I hoped you like it, click on the URL and create your own wordle.