Monday, July 28, 2008

Immersion assembly

'Is that Beatrice Famaina the greatest discus thrower in new Zealand exclaimed Paulitia no I think you can't see Is that Beatrice Famauina the greatest discus thrower in new zealand no I think your mistaking her for some other person.It's Vailerie Adams the greatest shotput thrower in new Zealand Sela replied no it's Vailerie Vili because she's married now.No it's just Mrs Tele'a acting as them I said [Helen].

In the beggining of term we always have
immersion in the hall It is when our teachers dress up.But they have to dress up with something that has got to do with our topic.Our topic for this term was we are the champions so most of the teachers were dressed up as sport people like miss squires and Mrs Nua miss squires was dressed up as Micheal Jordan she had a blue shirt and a black wig on Mrs Nua was dressed up as Irene van Dyk silver fern goal shooter she also looked like her because she was tall like her.

We are learning about being a champion.We choose this because the cross country is coming up in 6 weeks and the beijing olympics is coming in three weeks timeon august the 8th.

in assembly each team went on the stage and performed an Item.Team one was the first to go up my most favourite actor was miss ka
tu because she said that she was a basket ball player but then in a funny voice she said that she was a retired basket ball player and then the audeince started to laugh and giggled she even sounded like one but then she said she made those girls to be a champion and miss Wild was also another favourite of mine because she dressed up as Tana Umaga her hair was braided like Bob Marley and she had a wig on.

Then it was time for team 2 to go up miss Apted sat on the chair and said I wish I could be a person that could sit on the chair and just eats junk food everyday.Then miss hodjikens came and join her and they were watching the tv but suddenly there was a loud noise it was miss glaze she blew a whistle and told them to chuck there junk food and fizzy drink in the bin then she told them to get on the floor and do some press up so they can be fit and and turn into a champion instead of watching champions on the Tv and Miss Apted was hilarious at doing it.

Next it was time for team three to go up there's were the best item out of the teams because they had a contest to see who would get to the finish line first.It was called the marathon the competitors were Miss Mackinlay Miss Walters as Wannabe Walters and last of all Mr Nev the judge was miss garden it was time for the race to start miss garden said go and they ran and ran and miss Mackinlay pushed Mr Nev so then wannabe Walters was Infront but suddenly she went Outside through the wrong way Miss Mackinlay jumped on Mr Nevs back and they were close to the finish line but then out comes wannabe Walters from outside Sprinting to the finish line and she crossed the finish line waving her hands in the air then some people from the audience gave out the medals.Miss Walters got the gold medal Miss Mackinlay go the silver medal and Mr Nevalagi got the bronze medal and he came 3rd.

The next team was team 4 most of there teachers were dressed as sport people
Miss Nua was Irene Van Dyk miss squires was Micheal Jordan Mr Palmer was a rugby player but he was watching when he was watching the all blacks the people who were watching the australia team pay they were teasing him saying that they were going to lose but mr palmer belived that they can win and they did so he said to them hahahahahaaah and the last person was miss lagitupu she was a person who was going for the warriors and Mr Burt was mark Todd plus mr jacobson he was cashey lukes.Then it was time to leave asembly.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Our senior school from Pt England School went to Motat on June the 13th to learn about the principles of flight; drag, lift, thrust and weight. Through the door when we arrived there was a lady who was telling us as we walked us about where we were and where we were going to next.

First we were in groups of five. I was in Omni's mum's group. We went to go and look at information about Richard Pearse and Jean Batten. At the museam it showed all kinds of stuff plus it showed Jean Batten's bicycle and it also showed how she died. It said she died from an untreated dog bite.
There was also a theatre there and Richard Pearse's planes. The lady said we weren't allowed to touch anything.

Next we went to the Hands On Area that is the place where we were allowed to touch stuff. My most favourite part of the Hands On Area was the spinner, that is where somebody pushes you and you twirl around and around. Another part of the Hands On Area I liked was the earthquake cafe. It is when you push a button and you sit on a chair in the cafe and it will shake like an earthquake.

Next we went into this place where all these olden day bikes were, it was a like a big collection of it. After that we went though the mirror maze and I was scared because I feltl ike I was going to get trapped and I would never come out. That is why I was holding on to Paris all the way through.