Sunday, March 18, 2012

End Of Peer Support

Every Friday mornings, the year 9 students of Pakurunga college have been having peer support. Getting to know one another, playing games, discussing in a group about the various topics (smoking, drugs, alcohol), ways of improving in our learning, building confidence, and all kinds of things. Sharing and knowing about all this knowledge helps us in so many ways.

So this Friday (16th of march) was our last peer support. ‘Ohhh,’ as I groaned. In a group we decided to have a shared lunch to celebrate the last few moments of peer support.

If I had to choose what was the best thing about peer support that I learnt about would have be: getting to meet and know more about my peers in my colour (Pohutakawa), getting some advice on mixing with the right crowd (people you can trust), and just having FUN!

In the morning we strolled down near the swimming pool, set the tables and food out. Then digged in, everyone taking piles of food and at the end a majority of food was leftover. Anyone could take whatever they wanted. So many great memories we had and I can’t wait to see if I will be a peer supporter?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First Year 9 Camp I've Attended at Pakurunga College

Annually at Pakurunga College they always plan a camp for the year 9 students. By doing this it encourages the students to connect with their own peers in their houses. There are 6 houses, Pohutakawa (my group), Matai, Nikau, Rimu, Totara and Kauri There’s 5 different camp sites which means that two houses had to share, these various camp sites are all spread out and are away from Auckland . So it required quite a bit of traveling.
Our camp site was held at Cambridge which took 3 hrs to get there. Unloading all of our luggage, we got settled, had our lunch and prepared for our very first activity. By the way, it wasn’t a pleasant weather experience, pouring down with rain wasn’t a great start. First activity we had was prussiking and mountain biking. The other activity’s we participated in were kayaking, archery, Waka ama, cultural games, top team, and during most of my free time I would rush down to the gym and play basketball every time.
My supreme highlight would have to be mountain biking and waka ama, even though a majority of people dreaded Waka Ama. It was a delight participating in mountain biking, low light was riding up the steep hill which was killing my legs. Racing down the hill, with the wind in my hair, butterflies streaming through my stomach, and just rushing down the hill was awesome. Waka Ama my hands started to feel weak, reaching out in the water, pulling back with my paddle was a tussle. But in the end our team was able to beat the waka ama record between our groups, I was really proud!
Overall I had an outstanding experience, the food, activities, cabins, games etc, were a great opportunity for me. I didn’t want to go home, it was enjoyable and I was able to mingle around with the peers in my house. The camp was fantastic, it just didn’t reach Pt England’s standards. Pt England was by far the best camp I’ve experienced!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Is It

‘Really, do I have to!’ Mixed emotions is what was running through my head. Starting fresh at college, I didn’t know what to expect. Though I did hear some rumours that high school was a jungle and, that it’s filled with plenty more of students then primary and intermediate had. I was pretty upset that none of my friends were going to the same college as I was. So really it was a challenge, seeing as I stayed at Pt England for both primary and Intermediate.

All dressed in my uniform and already hopping on the bus (by the way not an expert at it), I had the butterflies, but I managed to stay calm. Reaching Pakurunga College I thanked the bus driver as I stepped foot on the pavement. Walking around not knowing anyone, made it more awkward. Luckily as year 9 students we were placed into colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple), so I was able to mingle with a few pupils in my house colour.

A powhiri was organized by the year 13 students and the staff, which I found really entertaining. Part of the staff introduce themselves and welcomed us into their school. Divided into our house colours (Pohutakawa- Orange my house) and then split into the different rooms we were put in. Along with all of my peers, teachers and year 13 students in our house.

We were then selected into our peer support groups. Now peer support was suppose to help the year 9 in my group to get to know each other, and share a bit my about ourselves. Touring around the school which at first I found completely complicated, because I’m not use to such a massive school and area such as this.

Eventually as I was educated on the way and memorized where all my classes were. Day by day I managed to find my way around and I’m so glad! Currently I’m taking the core classes like, maths, social studies, english, gym, technology and maori. I’m just really eager for when the sports trial finally arrive. So far I’m alright, I’m hanging in there. I really miss Pt England intermediate!