Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Is It

‘Really, do I have to!’ Mixed emotions is what was running through my head. Starting fresh at college, I didn’t know what to expect. Though I did hear some rumours that high school was a jungle and, that it’s filled with plenty more of students then primary and intermediate had. I was pretty upset that none of my friends were going to the same college as I was. So really it was a challenge, seeing as I stayed at Pt England for both primary and Intermediate.

All dressed in my uniform and already hopping on the bus (by the way not an expert at it), I had the butterflies, but I managed to stay calm. Reaching Pakurunga College I thanked the bus driver as I stepped foot on the pavement. Walking around not knowing anyone, made it more awkward. Luckily as year 9 students we were placed into colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple), so I was able to mingle with a few pupils in my house colour.

A powhiri was organized by the year 13 students and the staff, which I found really entertaining. Part of the staff introduce themselves and welcomed us into their school. Divided into our house colours (Pohutakawa- Orange my house) and then split into the different rooms we were put in. Along with all of my peers, teachers and year 13 students in our house.

We were then selected into our peer support groups. Now peer support was suppose to help the year 9 in my group to get to know each other, and share a bit my about ourselves. Touring around the school which at first I found completely complicated, because I’m not use to such a massive school and area such as this.

Eventually as I was educated on the way and memorized where all my classes were. Day by day I managed to find my way around and I’m so glad! Currently I’m taking the core classes like, maths, social studies, english, gym, technology and maori. I’m just really eager for when the sports trial finally arrive. So far I’m alright, I’m hanging in there. I really miss Pt England intermediate!


Mrs Tele'a said...

Malo Helen. So good to read an update from you. Well done on making it through the first day of College! It certainly is a challenge starting high school and then to have no familiar faces...I'm looking forward to your sport seasons too as I know you'll give it your best shot. Keep working hard Helen, you show off your talents in the classroom too. You will make plenty of good friends because you are such a good person. Looking forward to your next post Helen. Ia saga faamanuia atu le Atua ia te oe ma ou taumafaiga i lenei tausaga. Alofa tele atu.

Dorothy said...

What a delight to see you have posted on your blog Helen! I so enjoyed reading about your experiences on your first day. I know you will do well at Pakuranga and soon you will be feeling right at home there.

I miss seeing your lovely smile around the place at Pt England. Maybe see you at Riverside Club next week ;)

Mrs Burt