Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Final Design

My final design is:

I chose this design because:
it was more detailed then the other 2 signs and more clear to understand.

* Does your sign meet all the specifications and requirements of the brief? If so, how?

* What is the purpose of your sign? Do you think your sign will help eliminate a problem in the school or street? If so, how?
The purpose of our sign is to stop littering. I think the sign will help eliminate a problem if people listen to it.
* What did you do well?
I think that we did the signs well, seeing that we didn’t manage our time well.
* What difficulties did you come across while making your sign?
Time management
* What can you do next time to improve your project?
Be more well prepared and organised and manage time better.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Design 2

Sign 2

Its now got more colourIts still quite plainthe words ‘Bin it’ are on a rubbish bin

Monday, July 18, 2011

Design 1

Sign 1 (insert image of screenshot or photo of your sign)


you can read it. simpleIt has no colour. messy layout. simpleblack and white.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Brief Developement: 1st Brief

Conceptual Statement:
(What is the concept or idea behind your design brief? e.g “To produce a sign with a message that helps eliminate the issue of...”)

To produce a sign with a message that helps eliminate the issue of rubbish in the street.


(The measurable must haves ie. the things that are important to designing an effective sign e.g. sign must be easy to read etc...)

1.Big - good size
5.Clear message

(Musts that are beyond my control e.g. Must be completed by the end of the term)

1. due in week 7
2. must have a clear message about eliminating a problem

(things I need to make the sign)

You need to come up with at least 2 different possible sign designs and complete a PMI for each. This should include some feedback from an adult or a peer around the school who would represent the stakeholders.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Planning Log

Planning Log

Keep a record of both what you intend to do and what you did over the course of the next 3 weeks as we work through the Technology Process.

Week 5Week 6Week 7
What I plan to doBrainstormed issuesResearch questions Ideas more signsComplete the signs
Materials I will needPaper, pen, ideasGoogle Docs QuestionsGoogle Docs
People/Sources I need to consult for more information.peers, friends, yourself, teacherPeers, friends, Year 7 7 & 8 kids My partners
What did you find difficult and why?To come up with 1 problem to focus onTo get the form done and sentTo get our design project thing done
What I will do next as a result of any difficulties.Get more ideas for a good signAnalyze the data, check the answersManage the time more better


The Stakeholders are the people who have an effect on the production of your product

The Primary Stakeholder is your client ie. the person or community of people that your sign is going to be created for. eg. ….

Wider Community Stakeholders:Key Stakeholders:Primary Stakeholder:

Year 7 & 8 students
year 7 & 8 students

These describe the physical (what it is like) and functional (what it will do) characteristics of a product. These characteristics are key or essential for the successful function of a product and should be re- evaluated at each stage of the design process.

With your sign in mind, complete the following attributes table:


Method of Measurement


eg. Eye catching

sign will appeal (be noticed) by stakeholders

Sign must be clear, stand out and be creative


Pretty big

Sign must be big enough for everyone to see


A bright/appealing colour


Create awareness (e.g. clear message)

Stop littering

People should stop littering so our school can be clean

Durable/ Weather resistant

Laminate it

Laminate it so it’ll be waterproof

Ideal location (in the right area)

Somewhere readable

Probably in the street up on the wall

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Designing A Sign

Names of people in my group:
Your task is to design a sign that will clearly assist in eliminating a problem within our school.

- Make sure you are clear what the task is.
- Can you identify the key words in this task (highlight them and discuss it with a buddy)

Thinking about signs and signage (Make a list of all the signs you have seen ….. and the purpose of the sign )
Brainstorm some Ideas/ problems that we have around our school environment.

*Untidy shoes


You need to think and expand on your answers, one sentence is not sufficient.

What is your issue in our school? I think that a big problem we have around the school is littering.Our school is sometimes very messy and has rubbish littered on the fields and courts and Mr Malloy has to pick it up.

Who does it affect? Mr Malloy, students, teachers
Why is it happening in our school? Because people walk and eat, people are careless
When does it happen? Before/after school, lunch time, morning tea
Where is it happening? The Street, Around the whole school, Classrooms,
What needs to happen to prevent this issue? More awareness talks, Signs, punish people who litter, monitors, more bins