Friday, April 17, 2009

Seeing my baby cousin

On Friday after that delicious Easter meal we had quite a lot of left overs. So we decided to wrap them up and give them to my Aunty Lily and Uncle Fa'alata who were newly made parents. My Aunty Lily gave birth to a beautiful baby boy called Austin one week before Easter Sunday.

We rang up and asked permission if it was alright with them that we could come over and see the baby guess what they said YES!. So we drove down to Mangere and got there at 7:36 pm. When we got out we could hear somebody coming,it was my uncle. I was so happy to see him again. We came in and saw the baby who was sleeping He looked so cute. We all had a turn to hold him. He was so light.

When he was awake my Uncle Fa'alata took him in his room and changed his nappy. He looked so long and so skinny, but then he started to become red and he started to cry. So then we thought that he could be hungry. So my Aunty Lilly was feeding him. By that time it was 8:30pm. I was feeling tired so we said good bye to Austin, my uncle Faalata and my aunty Lily. We all went home feeling tired. What a day.

Good Friday

On Good Friday we had a service at church.When we got dressed and got ready we left and arrived at church and had to sit with our family. Our service started at 10 o'clock am.Then it began. First thing we did was sing a song.Then we all sat down and listened to our minister.He was asking questions to us why this day is called good friday.I think it's because Jesus carried all our sins and died on the cross just to save our sins.It was sad and horrible for him but good for us. So while our minister was talking,there were also pictures matching what he was saying.So it made it more interesting.

When he finished he went to the stage where there was a table with drinks and bread.He got apiece of bread and said this is the body of christ break it in half.Then there were people that served us, once we have all got a piece of bread.Those people will come and it on the chair on the stage and the minister will hand out the bread to them.Then a person will get the bowl with bread amd give a piece to the minister.

When they're finished he says we shall eat in rememberence of me.Then he would do the same thing with the drink. He will say this is the covenant which is shown to you all drink it all of you in remembrance of me. Then we do a praise and worship.We sang a song called the old rugged cross.Then we ended it with a prayer.We all waited for the minister to go ,then we follow behind him.We shook his hand and left to go home.

Easter Sunday

On Sunday the 14th of April it was Easter, Easter Sunday. We had sunday school at church. It was fun because we were talking about Jesus and why this day is special. Well my answer to why this day is special, is because Jesus rose up. So we have Easter Sunday and Easter Monday because he got put into a tomb and in front of that tomb was a large stone oval like an Easter Egg. So then we had to write an acrostic poem and we had to write down easter egg along the side of our book.

Then our teacher told a parable of the 10 bridesmaids, 5 of them were wise and the other five were foolish. I think that Jesus was telling us keep awake therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour. So that means always be prepared because you do not know the day or the hour. When we finished we got given 7 strips of paper with main parts of the story and we had to put them all into order.Then we were finished we did a prayer and got a marshmellow easter egg at the end.We all left and went home.

When I went outside I saw my auntie,I gave her a button easter egg and she gave me a gummy worm easter egg.I was so happy some body gave me an easter egg but I just want one not to much.So me and my dad went to get some lunch which was subway and went home.After that my auntie rang and said we were going to have a feast at her house.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last day of the Term

Oh no! It's the last day of Term 1 on Thursday. It would have been on Friday but it's Good Friday on the following day. I am so depressed and angry. I don't want school to end for us. It was so fun going back to school and having a new class and a new teacher. I have enjoyed playing with my friends at morning tea and lunch. I have also liked learning new things and doing podcasting, blogging, presenting to visistors and doing jobs. I also loved Camp Aritika

I have done so much this year it has been so busy at our school. We have had TV 1 Close Up come to our school, a woman and a man from a magazine called Upstart come, visitors from all over the world from different schools and a man and his two partners come two see if our school is doing well and doing what we are suppose to do (ERO). He also interviewed some of the kids like the year 5 and 6 extension group and 3 year 4 kids. It was funny and cool. I was nervous at first but then I wasn't shy anymore. So our 5 presenters did our best and presented in front of these people. The presenters were me, Sela, Paulitia, Leoden, Tanielu and Cruz our technology person.

We have been working on our thank you letters for camp, to thank all of the parents and the teachers who helped out at camp. We also have been working on our mihi which we had to memorise off by heart. I know it all, and I have to do it in english and maori. I also have been working on my visual mihimihi and my holiday recount.

At the end of the term our presenters, including Cruz, went to Mrs Burt. She gave us one deluxe bunny; 3 were Cadbury and 3 were dark chocolate. I got Cadbury. I also got another Easter egg in class. It was a marshmellow one. I also got a Easter egg from my friend that had buttons inside but I gave it to my teacher. And last of all I got an Easter egg from my other teacher - a big marshmellow.

Then we had assembly, my principal was giving out Easter show tickets. Heaps of people won them and family tickets as well. Then we shouted out loud HAPPY HOLIDAY and went home. At the end I was hugging my friends and my teachers.

Already I was crying at home straight away and missing school.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Year 5 and 6 extension up date

Wow! that looks like a lot of work to finish off. In extension we had to do a recipe using rice, one using banana and then mashed potatoes. I did Cheddar cheese mashed potatoes, for my rice recipe I did milk and tiny rice recipe and chocolate banana cake. This is all part of our food pyramid.

Second we did R.O.W. Rock our World. That's when we did our recipe or appetizers. We also had to go and do garage band. We did it on drums and bass guitar. 

Today we had a meeting of how we feel about extension whether it's easy, comfortable or finding things difficult. I said I felt comfortable and that I rate myself 7 out of 10 because I looked things up that I don't really know what it means, so I could understand things better. So when I look it up it's easy for me to understand and find key words, to type in.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Extension group Aim

This term at Extension our task is to learn about food or appetizers.

First thing we did was make a survey of every one's favourite food. We had to make a survey because we needed to find out every ones favourite food. Then we put it together and made it into a food pyramid. Most of the unhealthy/healthy food,People voted fatty food or junk food to be their favourite food. Like confectionery,sugar and dessert. This is all part of R.O.W rock our world.We had to find different kinds of recipes using a food. Like this week we did it on mashed potatoes but we were suppose to do it on rice ,banana then potatoes. But we were behind so I did it together with the mashed potatoes.

Then Mrs Tele'a put us into 2 or 3 pairs. My partner was Paulitia. Then Mrs Tele'a told us to come up with a restaurant then find the location,the address,the capital city and a restaurant in the city.

Then we went on Google earth. It's like where you can find,information,where you live,your country and the restaurants.It's so cool and fun because when you type your place you can zoom up.