Friday, October 28, 2011

Learning Basic Tennis Skills

Brand new equipment set out like the new rackets and tennis balls, also tennis nets for our school. Fun but also intense, tennis is a competitive sport. Learning for the first time and having Marcelle who was our instructor, was teaching us a few techniques in our first lesson.

Shaking, it was so nerve racking as I wait for my turn in line. Especially when me and Sela were the only girls, and the boys were winning most of the time. Sela pushed me forward, and I was hesitating to hold the racket, my hands became sweaty.

Doing an under arm serve sort of made me feel a little more confident. Then swinging the racket and actually hitting the ball over was an amazing feeling. Then it continued. After approximately 4 hits... I actually beat Zane! Phew! I was so relieved. The next game I lost, which was to Tanielu. I did’nt really care because I knew that I improved.

Now I am feeling so eager to actually have more turns. Beating like two more people to me felt like it was a fluke or luck. This game that we are playing right now is called the king of the courts. Whoever would win would swap to the king side.

It was a pleasure to play against my fellow classmates and I really had heaps of fun.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Outstanding Camp Highlights

Experiencing an enjoyable amount of time at Willow Park. Gave me so many ideas and highlights to publish on my blog. First highlight of mine was a cruise with Jonno and Nicky. Strolling towards the beach, creating rafts, sand castles, swimming when we had freetime, kayaking and doing so many more interesting things.

Pop! Out appeared my goosebumps, as it became very chilly as we cruised along the sea. The wind in my hair and the spit of the ocean water as it stuck to my skin like Velcro. Then we started to mess around with people by causing waves. Doing this we would surround them by circling right around. Creating huge waves, sometimes those who were on the kayak even tipped over.

The food as well was one of my favourite highlights. Knowing that every morning waking up to the delicious smell of toast. Then having lunch which looked so mouth watering. Next was dinner! It was just unbelievable, like you would hear the rumble of my stomach wanting to just take a snippet of the food. Dessert was even more divine. I mean chocolate mouse with pears, ‘WOW’!

All of the fun stopped there, but it was a pleasure staying there. Coming home on the other hand was my worst nightmare. Praying ever day, hoping each day would last longer. Each day came to an end, and the more disappointed I became. Heading home was a sad trip, we were moaning about why we would've stayed a couple of days longer. Dragging my luggage to the car, being grumpy to my uncle wasn’t a good start. The rest of the day was actually more fun then expected. Lucky me!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Living on the camp grounds (Willow Park)

Already being arranged and sorted into our groups, we then headed upstairs to our cabins to unload our luggage. The year 8 girls were in the same cabins together no.12, phew. Then safely leading my group down stairs ready to have lunch. I can’t really remember what we had, but I know it was a superb meal!

Our first activity on the rooster was a scavenger hunt. To get more familiar with the place, we had to search around for the photographed places on our map, along the way as we find each clue we can then tick them off. It was a bit of a struggle, as seeing most of the teams finished except our own group.
Announcing the winners we actually came 3rd overall. The reason why was because, this wasn’t only about who finished first, this also included how well teams explained their answers.

Wet games was another enjoyable activity of mine. Being able to get soaked, and laughing as other people transformed from dry as a dessert, to wet as a sponge holding in water. There were stations placed around the field.

One of the few activities I loved was where, both teams would grab a sponge soak it in full of water. Rush down to the bucket on the other end and then try to squeeze as much water as you can. Race back to the line and pass it to the next member of your team.

Aquila and Luke (senior leaders), were holding another station. The aim of the game was this: both Luke and Aquila would throw in the air, water balloons. Whoever caught it, had the ability to throw it to whoever. But then there was an opportunity for the kids to throw their balloon to whoever I threw mine at Aquila twice in a row. Smack! Right in the face and then the other one sort of like slipped into his shirt. Giggling after entertaining myself with the incident that has just taken place.

Next, was a few of my camp highlights!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Starting fresh at Willow Park

Heading towards school on a fine Monday morning felt unusual, I guess it was just the feeling of not being able to see many wild kids running around. The reason why for coming to school was to get prepared to leave for our riverside camp, held at Willow Park.

Shivering with excitement on the bus, couldn’t wait to abundant this place. Just about reaching Willow Park, my body swayed forward and backward, why? Because we were finally here, the bus was jumping over the bumps which lead us to Willow Park. It’s like imagining a person doing the caterpillar.

Just before unpacking all our gear and getting ready for lunch. We had to be sorted into our groups, these teams weren’t mixed with boys and girls. It was strictly boys groups and girls groups.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Final decision

After school on Wednesday’s held in our school hall, is something called the riverside club. Kids at our school year 4 to 8 are able to stay and experience some fun, well at least until 5pm. Annually, we have a riverside camp normally for year 5 to 8. And year 4’s will have their own special outing later on.

This year was different! The year 8 leaders, (Paulitia, Bobbi - Grace, Maree, Ocean, Kalim Tamati and Moses, including myself), had a tough decision to make. It was between going to Totara springs as usual but not including the year 4's, or going to willow park and taking the year 4's along with us.

There’s a advantage and disadvantage between both places. Discussing together and thinking real hard about what to choose. It finally came to an end. The court was closed. We chose ................... Williow Park!