Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic medals

Thanks to for letting me borrow a picture.

Thanks to for this picture.
Wow New Zealand so far have won 3 gold medals ,1 silver and 5 bronze,in total altogether we've got 9 medals.I think that it is fantastic that we have won these medals.New Zealand has work so hard and have trained hard to get this far.

My favourite sport person is Valerie villi.She was such a good player she looked very strong and very tough.I also enjoyed watching her because she won a gold medal for New Zealand.

Thanks to for letting me borrow this picture.

At the Beijing Olympics I also saw the twins Georgina and Caroline Evers Swindell.They were amazing as well they tyred there very best to win and so they started of with a slow paste and then they went really fast when they nearly finished.Then they tryed to get in front when they saw Germany catched up but they tyred there hardest and they came first they also won a gold medal for New Zealand.The twins encouraged each other and worked as a team and never gave up.That's what true champion do.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cross Country Practise

Ha I was so puffed out because we had cross country training but this time it was on Grass.When Mr brown said go all the girls started to sprint.when I was running my leg was freezing cold like your in the north pole where it's snowy.I was nearly about to fall down because the grass that we were running on was slippery.

when I was up to the tree that is when my foot had
a numb I could tell because when I stepped on to a branch I couldn't feel anything.So while I was running I was jogging so I would have enough energy to do the whole entire thing.I just went past the monkey bars and past the log when I reached to the fence I started to feel really itchy because the grass was long.Then there was a big group of puddle in front of me but I didn't see it so I stepped in to the puddle and then there was a big a group of water that splashed all over me I was soaking wet

Then up I went over the log the reserve was right across me then I saw Miss Squires on the way and so I sprinted because I was close to the end when I looked down my feet were muddy.Then I was finished and I went to go wash my feet as soon as I touched the concrete my feet were very saw they heart painfully like somebody pinching my leg.Some people were trying there best like him Leoden.I saw some people washing there feet.


Look up in the misty cloud there seemed to be a winged creature.Isn't a eagle.No it is MSB Manu Samoa Boy.He was flying around when suddenly everybody was screaming Watch out.Ahhhhh! said manu Samoa boy his heart was beating Boom.He banged into the sky tower.That has got to heart Sela said from the crowd.Manu Samoa boy was injured and somebody said do you need to go to the sick bay.No I'm fine he replied.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Sister birthday

On Saturday it was my sisters birthday on august the 9th.For her birthday we went Ice skating at Botany and watched a movie in Berkeley cinemas.Me [Helen] my sister [Mina] her friend named [Leah ] my friend [Cammy] my auntie[ Aniva] her friend [Lisa] and her son [Tk].When we were driving we listened to my sister favourite song they were Dancing in the moonlight I'm walking on sunshine and Nelly Furtado.Then we looked outside and we were there. We finally arrived there and we went inside we saw that there were a lot of people there and in line.My auntie told me it was going to be warm in there but when we went there it was cold my sister was freezing to death like being trapped in a ice berg she exclaimed.

Thai restaurant

Delicious!On Thursday night we went out because my cousin from Australia came to New Zealand and now she's leaving her name is Clarie. Claire was leaving on last Saturday at seven o'clock.So we went to the Thai restaurant at new market and had dinner there and we invited her to come along.Me ,my mum ,my sister ,my brother and Clarie we all went along my dad was driving us there.

When we arrived there it was warm inside compared to how cold it was outside.When I went inside it was so beautiful thy had souvenirs and napkins that were folded like a origami.they also had waitress and servants it felt like I was a princess.It was time to pick what to eat.The man who was serving us he gave us a menu to pick out what food we want to eat. I choose to eat a curry with a salad my sister got the same as me she got a number 29 that was the number of the food I got.when I got my food it looked delicious and tasty.So I was digging in the sause Italian sauce it was prooofectoooo and Delicious.All of as were digging in.It was so nice especially the chicken and the salad.For our drink we all had water then I just finish eating and I tasted some of ever body dish .The best one was Claire's one.Claire thought that this orange thing was a mango actually it was a pumpkin.

Then we took photos we took funny ones stupid ones drunk ones happy ones nice ones scary ones and normal ones.Then for dessert I wanted a cheese cake but it cost 5.90 so then we went to go and pay and altogether it cost hundred and fifty dollars.Last of all was dessert we went to burger king and had Sundays I got a chocolate one my sister got a caramel one my mum got a chocolate one my brother got a strawberry one and Claire had a chocolate one. then we Had to go home.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hang glider

Jump! I leaped on to the tornado I swirled myself around and around feeling like I was going to puke. But there seemed to be a buzzing noise I thought it was a bee but then I saw it was a hanglider starting it's engine.I raced down to see it but there was a problem I couldn't see because there were a whole lot of people blocking my way just cause they wanted a better view.But then I saw it there were many different parts there were a cacoon, a propeller and heaps of other stuff.Then it was ready to go the man took the nail out from the grass and started to run as fast as he can and off he went lifting himself then I saw him putting his leg into the cacoon so that is what it was used for.

When it was flying it looked like a fly because it had wings.

The Helicopter

We just finished assembly when I heard that there was going to be a helicopter that was coming to our school.I was really amazed because we've never had an helicopter come to our school before.So that was a big suprise let's find out if it is true.

Is that an eagle kezia replied no that's to small to be an eagle paulitia exclaimed I think it's a helicopter sela said no. The mysterious flying creature or machine came closer I saw and reconized that it was a helicopter so I was right Sela said.When the helicopter landed it made the wind blow really strong that it made the grass bend down the grass had this kind of white colour to it.

Anyway when the helicopter stopped there were police officer that came out of the helicopter and he showed us many diffrent parts of the helicopter.There was a camera that had a round glass around it and it was black I thought that it was a marble actually it wasn't there also was a light the light is to help the police officer that were driving on the ground it helped them to see better in the dark if there is an a emergency.we also asked some questions.

Some people were taking photos and each class had aturn to see the inside of the helicopter.When I saw it it had a tv and all these buttons they were colourfull.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nadia comaneci

Nadia just finished showing her routine to the judges and doing what she can do on the balance beam.The audience were calm waiting for the final score to apear on the board.Suddenly there was a light that flashed on the board.It was a one the crowd was still silent then they realized that the one was a ten so the audience went crazy like a group of animals attacking the jungle and monkeys saying ooooo-iiiii-a'aah.

Nadia was born in onesti which is in romania on 1961.She started gymnastics when she was 6 years old.Nadia lived in a small apartment. She loved gymnastics so much that she broke the springs on some of the couches. She and her friend were picked to tryout for the gymnastics team.Nadia won lot's of medals.She went to the montreal olympics in canada she won 3 gold medals 1 silver and 1 bronze medal.She scored 7-10's this was the first time anyone had scrored a ten.She went to the moscow olympics in russia and got 2 gold medals and 2 silvers.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Wow what a day that was.Our school picnic down at the reserve was fantastic.When I just finished my lunch I headed of to the sea where people were swimming.A wholelot of people went near the rocks on the left side.When I looked down the sea seemed to get closer to the rock so they got wet then becoming slippery.Some people started to fall of so I started to laugh.When I went some where else and I came back to where the water was it seemed as if it came even closer.Then I noticed little kids spalshing, drowning and singking paulitia's brother peni.It was so so so hilarious.