Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Silly Sports Day

As I glanced across the bottom field, teachers had already set up their stations. Hmm... what’s going on down there. On Tuesday Team 5 ( Rm 19, 20, 21, and 22) had a silly sports day. Each class would rotate and experience some fun activities. All the classes started with their own teachers activity. Then they would rotate around the various kinds of activities.

Our very first activity was ball tiggy with our teacher Mrs Lagitupu. We had cones placed on the grass to mark the boundaries, and we were given coloured bands that represented what teams we were in. The aim was to throw the ball around to each member of your team and try to tag the people from the other team. But we weren’t allowed to run or throw the ball at the opponents but we had to pass it around with our team mates.. It was so funny and intense trying hard to get the people from the other team out. It was very challenging for my team.

The hooter went, so then we moved to the next activity. Ms Tito was the next one up. A long slingshot and different sized balls were spread out. As I went up, I aimed for my target which was the pink hoop. I had to try and get the ball to land inside the pink hoop so that I could earn 100 points for my class. The ball shot off and was rolling towards the pink hoop, everyone stood up and cheered until the ball slightly went over the side of the hoop. Ohhh! It was a near miss and at the end we had 10 points.

Again the hooter went. We walked to our next activity with Mr Harris. This activity was called the three legged race. We had a lace kind of thing and had to tie it around me and my partners (Kezia’s) legs and we had to carry a tennis ball on a spoon up to the cone and come back around. We were also timed. Moses and Casey were the fastest there and back. Me and Kezia were so hilarious and just giggled the whole way back.

For the last time the hooter went. We came over to where Mrs Nua was and had a bucket full of water, sponges inside and a empty bucket further back. We were in our groups and had to line up. We had to soak the sponge with water, pass it to the side to the next person behind us and the pass the sponge under our legs. We kept on repeating the pattern until we reach the bucket. When we reached the empty bucket, we had to squeeze out all the water and run to the front of the line.

Our group did not win but it was such a pleasure to be able to experience this day and I really enjoyed it. At the end I was soaking wet, and rushed to get changed ready for lunch time. Most of these activities included team work, where my team and strained to show. Anyways it was the most entertaining event I’ve had besides learning at school. Hopefully we would be able to do it again.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Trip To The Life Caravan

This term on Thursday, we had the opportunity to have Harold and Lynn here. The Life Caravan made a stop at our school. The early session we had, we discussed about what drugs are and puberty. So many interesting stuff that I never really understood before, really did make sense to me now. Also, we covered the basics and what we’ve learnt over the time Harold has been to our school.

It was such a great experience for us. I really enjoyed having so much knowledge. One saying I would always remember is, Drugs don’t choose people, people choose drugs!

Cross Country

Oh my gosh! My feet were numb as the year 8 girls stand in their position on the chilly grass. Getting ready to start our Cross Country race. The year eight's, both girls and boys had to run 3K's and a half. But year seven's only had to run 3k's. Bang! As Ms Vaafusuanga clapped the two boards together, the girls shot of and sprinted around the cones.

Pasting myself as I headed through the reserve, I became dehydrated. I started to reach the top of the reserve, already seeing people curving through the path towards Tahuna Torea. I was so amazed to see the boys already catching up to us since we left first. Running through the the shells, it stabbed my feet so badly.

As I nearly finished and heading towards the playground. People were screaming out, Go Helen! Running towards the finish line with the people on the side cheering. Finally I finished, I was so proud that I kept jogging most of the way. Hoping that I can improve on fitness next time, I will try my best to run all the way.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Italy Presentation

This term our topic is based on the rugby world cup. We've had the chance to choose a country and study it. I choose Italy! It's been very fun and I've learnt a lot about Italy. I've also been surprised to find out that some famous people came from Italy. Here's a presentation to show a few of some interesting facts I found out.

Holiday Highlights

I had the most amazing day on Saturday! It was the coolest event that I’ve ever experienced during the two week holidays. My friend Tia and I came on Saturday morning to school and had to serve coffee for the members of parliament. What was even better, was that we got payed for it.

So anxious to start making coffee, Tia and I arrived at 8am and finished at 11:30. Walking in as more people started to come, we had a long queue full of costumers wanting a fresh cup of coffee. A lot of people had two cups or more of coffee and kept coming for more. I really enjoyed it and I had heaps of fun.

Soon our time came to an end. We packed the machine away and closed down. We received our money and tips we got from the members of parliament and left to get ready for another outing I had planned.

Sela and I got ready to go watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part two). Stepping in the cinemas with the amazing scent of popcorn wonderful. Taking a seat, the lights began to fade. That was a sign that the movie was about to start. Then all of the sudden, a creepy soundtrack played. The last part of what happened in part one of Harry Potter showed and carried on from there.

I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t watched it but what I can say is that, the last series topped all the rest of Harry Potter movies, including my favourite, Harry Potter the prisoner of Askaban. Afterwards we went next door to Burger King and had dinner. The day came to an end and we dropped Sela off home. It was the best Saturday I’ve ever had!