Thursday, December 9, 2010

Market Day Reflections

Market Day Reflections
How well prepared was your group?
We were alright until everything went bad when creating our banner.

How popular do you think your product was?
It wasn’t as popular as the milkshakes but it looked tasty and sold out.

What was your role in the group and how well did you fulfill your role?
I had to make the food and the poster

Under each of the following headings write anything that you would do differently or improvements you would make if you did it again.

Your Product? Fruity Caterpillars

What did you enjoy most about Market Day? Collecting the money and creating the product

Your Advertisement? We finished filming but it wasn't able to show on P.E.N.N

Your stall set up? We struggle at first to find the board but we still got it done

Would you like to do this again, and why or why not? Yes because it was fun and I got to buy other cool products.