Friday, June 26, 2009

Trip to the Museum

On Wednesday June 24th the Year 6 extension group went with the Year 5 children. We went to Auckland War Memorial Museum . We joined with Rooms 14, 15 and 16. In my group was Kezia, Paulitia, Moses and Blessing. Our parent helper was Paulitia's older brother Peleti.

We went with Room 15, marked the roll, then we got into groups of 5 or 6. After that we all met in the hall and made sure we had everything we needed. So we left class by class and walked on the bus to find ourselves a seat. We travelled slowly on the bus and had a bumpy ride.

When we arrived we turned with a bump and the bendy bus looked like it was going to separate. We got off the bus and went into the museum. At first it looked very cool and different from when I last saw it. So we walked to the entrance and when I looked around it felt like it was a whole new place. We sat down and all got together and put away our bags in something that was like a cage, like a huge locker. After we got all of it under way we walked on the red carpet. I felt like I was a celebrity so I was pretending I was one! I was also imagining that there were paparazzi taking my photos.

We walked in and saw some neat chairs that I've never seen before. But one of them was like a chair you can get from Harvey Normans called a Lazy Boy. But any way, when we went past all these amazing artifacts we arrived at this lab which had a movie playing and also on the right side there was a path. When you walked on it it will lead you to a glass and underneath it was an underwater world.We went around looking at different stuff.

Finally went exploring the Museum until it was home time. Me and Kezia were pretending that we were spies.Finally it was over so we went back to school and had our lunch. We also had extra free time and then we had to go back to class when it was finished. What a day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

My late birthday

On Saturday the 13Th of June I woke tried to find my mum because I thought she made us breakfast but she didn't.So I was thinking maybe I should make my home made pickletes so I did. I told my brother that I'll get him when I am up to the stage of putting the mixture in the fry pan.I got all the ingredients out and all the equipment I needed.
Then it was time to cook the picket. I put in all the ingredients and combined it together. Then I started to get the fork or whisk but I don't have one and stirred all the ingredients and kept doing for a little bit more until it was nice and smooth.Then my mum came she put in some water and it was silky and tender. I turned it on and put in the oil in the fry pan. Then I waited a little while for it to heat up then I put the mixture in and and it was so skinny but had a nice brown tan. I could see bubbles so I flipped it,it was golden brown and flat.I kept doing it until I could see that the mixture was nearly finished. Then when I finished I put nutella and 1 piece of banana on the top.It was yummy and fabulous.
After I had to peel the potato for the salad because at my auntie's house we were going to have and Barbecue.So I was thinking of inviting my friends over.So I had to ask my mum and she said yes and I was so happy.I went to ring them,first I rang Kezia if she could come and she said yes and then I rang Sela and she said yes to.So then I got ready and so did my sister because she was our guardian.When we got all the things we needed we went straight to pick up Sela.When we arrived their I went in and Sela gave me a gift and flowers how nice I said.Then off we went to pick up Kezia. I went in and I got Kezia and went to pak'n save to buy some snacks .When we finished we went straight to 10 pin bowling.It was just me and my 2 friends who were bowling.

We put on our shoes and started to bowl.All together we had 10 games and 20 turns how awesome that is.When I was up first bowling,I would always hear my sister moan. She told me to let the ball drop gently cause I would always make this banging sound on the ground.The first round I got 17.It was Sela's turn she got 15 and Kezia got 16. Sela will always make me laugh because she kept laughing for no reason and you shouldn't of seen her face,it was going pink like she couldn't breath.kezia was amazing in the 3rd round she nearly got all of them but she missed two.It was tricky for her cause it was a split,she could either get the right or left.So then it was sela's turn did you know she got 2 strikes in a row amazing ha! Kezia was in the lead but then it was onto our last round the score went like this because sela got the most balls down she won by 102 whooh.

It was a good game and a excellent time we had together.So then we looked for the car it was parking right near the entrance.So we ran and hoped in the car.So our next stop was YMCA pools.When we got their we went to pay but we were off buy 50 cent. Luckily the lady was kind and still let us go.Then we went to go and get changed.when we finished me and Kezia went in the pool it was so warm but it wasn't cold as usual.Then Sela came in and we were swimming and splashing the water at each other.Then we were playing tiggy and Kezia always got to be in.After that we went in the other pool and it was hotter.We were having races and playing hand stands in the water it was so cool.Finally we finished and went out to get changed.

We walked and went in the car and had some shrew berry biscuit you know the one with the jelly inside and has different shapes like heart,star and circle.After that we arrived at my auntie's house.My friends and I went in and had some BBQ.It was delicious and tasty.I had enjoy my delightful meal and finished eating.Then We went on the mat and played a game of marbles,playing me,my brother,Sela and Kezia.It was funny but hard.It was hard because Eti would always win but finally for a change Sela won.Then my mum and my sister played so we played randomly.Then my auntie called to come and eat some pie[custard pie with cream on top].So we finished our meal had a 20 minute break and watched a movie.

Then it was time to drop off my friends ooh!We went in the car and dropped of Kezia first and then Sela.We said good bye to them and went home.When we reached home we got ready and had to go to my auncle's birthday.I had the best late birthday ever spending time with my family and friends.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Last day for Mrs Langitupu

Today on Friday week 6 on June the 5Th,it was our teacher Mrs Langitupu last day.All of us were very sad and felt like crying.So then in the morning me and Sam[semiliu] wrote a little letter to Mrs Langitupu but I had patrols.So lucky Sela came because she wrote it for me and we would say it in assembly.I would like to say thank you to Sela for helping me with it.So when we were finished we heard the bell ring and went to wait in line for Mrs Langitupu to come.Then after that we walked down into the hall and sat down and waited for assembly to start.So then the last classes came and assembly started.

At assembly we did the korero,their were about 6 I think. So we finished and it was time to hand out the certificates.When we were listening to all the names being called out.I heard Mr Burt say room 18 for being the best class in the planet so all of us stand up and then everyone gave around of applause when it finished.I was thinking in my mind that she was the best teacher because of what she did.After that me and Sam said a few words on behalf of our school and our class.Then we sang a song for her and played a video filmed by Cruz.It was so cool but sad.I really wanted to cry but I didn't want anybody to see me.Then we hugged her and gave some gifts.That was the best assembly for me.After that we did bin it awards and lunch box heroes.We also did a song with Mr Jacobson[the tall one].Then we went to class and did our work on dinosaurs I enjoyed it.It was the Meglosaurus.

Then we heard the beep for news we tidy up and had our fruit. Then the bell rang for morning tea.When we had morning tea we sat down and ate our lunch and went straight off to play.When I was playing I saw in the staff room all these teachers dressed up.So I asked one of the teachers what's going she replied that their dressed as twins you get it cause Mrs Langitupu is having twins.

After morning tea was finished we had CRE that stands for Christian,religious,education.Mrs Clarke runs it.It was so cool because we were learning about Moses.So Mrs Clarke showed us a video of the prince of Egypt.It was fun because when we finished watching a bit of it Mrs Clarke said that Moses agree with the Pharaoh to let the people go. He said yes but the Pharaoh thought he was lying so he didn't God was going to send down frogs from the sky and so she chucked out some chocolate freddos.Then she said that god sent some fly and she got a spray and sprayed it around the hall.Then she also said the big cubes of ice will fall from the sky.So she chucked out some Popsicle it was the flavour lemonade my favourite.

Then I noticed that our teacher was gone.when we went into class their was a table set up with food.It was a shared lunch and we were going to have one.We were listening to music,eating and drinking.We also had Donkun Donuts and hot chips too.It was all delicious and fatty food.I was enjoying it and having a great time with my friends and class mates.I was thinking I should eat some fruit and vegetables after all of this and also miss out on dinner.In the morning I'll go for a jog so I can burn all the weight I gained after eating all that food.Then we still had a little bit of time to play so I went out with my balloon and played a sword game with Beni and Kalim.Then I went to play with kezia and Paulitia.

After that we had Extension we were stuyding about paleontologist.If you don't know what that is it is a scientist that studies fossils and animals.We all picked one paleontologist and studied him.My one was Jack Honer.We got given a sheet and we had to fill it out.Then the school bell rang and we all went home. I was thinking what will it be like with out Mrs Langitupu.Anyways I will miss her now it's time to go and cry. Thanks to , , and for letting me use all these photos to put on my blog.