Sunday, March 18, 2012

End Of Peer Support

Every Friday mornings, the year 9 students of Pakurunga college have been having peer support. Getting to know one another, playing games, discussing in a group about the various topics (smoking, drugs, alcohol), ways of improving in our learning, building confidence, and all kinds of things. Sharing and knowing about all this knowledge helps us in so many ways.

So this Friday (16th of march) was our last peer support. ‘Ohhh,’ as I groaned. In a group we decided to have a shared lunch to celebrate the last few moments of peer support.

If I had to choose what was the best thing about peer support that I learnt about would have be: getting to meet and know more about my peers in my colour (Pohutakawa), getting some advice on mixing with the right crowd (people you can trust), and just having FUN!

In the morning we strolled down near the swimming pool, set the tables and food out. Then digged in, everyone taking piles of food and at the end a majority of food was leftover. Anyone could take whatever they wanted. So many great memories we had and I can’t wait to see if I will be a peer supporter?


Mrs Tele'a said...

Hi Helen. Another good post! I think this peer support group you've had is a great idea. I like how you've been able to make some good friends. The issues you've been talking about are important for you to be aware of as you continue to grow and learn more about things. I have no doubt you would have been a supportive person in the group. I hope that the friendships you've made in this group will be the type that help you to strive to succeed. Keep up the great posting Helen. Ia manuia le vaiaso ma ona galuega.

Dorothy said...

It sounds like Pakuranga College have implemented some great ideas to make sure the Year 9's feel welcome and make good friendships. Thanks for the update :)
Mrs Burt

Sandy said...

Hi Helen. Its so good to read your updates and experiences about being in college. Well done. Peer support groups are a really good idea and it sounds like you have enjoyed participating in them.
Thanks Helen.

Mrs Lagitupu