Monday, November 21, 2011

Stunning Guy Fawkes Display

Duhh! I just can’t wait until the fireworks begin. Just buzzing over how many boxes were placed on the grass. Approximately 13 going length wise, and round about 16 stood spaced out in a row. Everyone in the crowd counted down from 10. It went a little bit like this,10..9..8..7..6..5..4, then louder 3..2..1!

Assorted colours blended in the air along with the piercing sound of the fireworks. We all sat in amazement as 4 fireworks flew up in the air all at once. They emerged in the air like a group of people huddling, very fast, they spread out quickly and it absolutely turned into some explosive fireworks. It was just extremely impressive how it all worked out.

Really I didn’t want to stop filming for one moment, starring at the fireworks like it was going over us like a rainbow. Couldn't take my eyes of for one second, just couldn’t resist. My eyes glued to the amazing display and made me smile continuously until my mouth started to ache.

Unbelievable, couldn’t get over the majority of fireworks layed out. So much! Sadly approximately ending the 30 minute display actually closed, it was so worth coming here. For sure I’m coming here next year!

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