Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reading and Maths Result

Happy, average, or bad. Exams are something most kids fear, it’s like torture for us kids for some reason. I guess it’s because the room is extremely silent, your not aloud to move around or talk. For our most momentous Asttle test we sit (reading, writing, maths, Icanz), it’s sort of frustrating as always .

But showing my overall marks I did pretty average and improved from the beginning of the term. Receiving my final results gave me the shivers, feeling so nerve racking gave me the butterflies. Hesitating to turn over my paper it finally reveled...’oh wow’, not bad. I mean these results explains to you how well you’ve done, how much you’ve improved, what you need to improve in.

Scanning through my reading and my maths results we were recently given. I just passed and improved in both test which was so relieving. It was unexpected because I was hoping to do better and not to be under the NZ mean. If you are over the average marks then it means that you have passed.

Hopefully that was enough to get me into a good class for next year in college!

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